More than 600 BHP for this Volkswagen Golf R600 PPH-Motoring


is Not exactly lacking in the Essen Motor Show 2015 of numerous preparations on the compact models, exceeding all the limits. We have several examples of this, like that BMW 150d AC Schnitzer, with its engine diesel triturbo six cylinder and 400 HP, or the Audi RS3 ABT Sportsline that reaches no less than 450 HP.

In the German event there is also a hole for the Volkswagen Golf, and the Oettinger 500R bet by the radical no punches in terms of aesthetics and power. But the creation of Oettinger is not the only prominent: in stand Toyo Tires displays this Volkswagen Golf R600, with a preparation by PPH-Motoring.


The owner of this car is Marko Börner, and the model of the game was a Volkswagen Golf R sixth generation, manufactured in the year 2010. PPH-Motoring has created a true monster, starting with its engine. It has replaced the 2.0 TFSI series, which delivered 270 HP, occupying its place a 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder and source Audi, which has a higher margin to be enhanced.

Through profound changes, and changes in turbo, injection, intake, exhaust system, etc., this Golf R600 pays now 626 HP and 759 Nm of torque. You probably never would expect to see these figures in a “modest” Golf, but there is more. It also has a built-in gearbox DSG from Audi RS3, with seven relations and conveniently reinforced.


Their benefits are a scandal, and unsuitable for the public roads. This Projekt Golf R600 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds, but there are just not the thing. The 200 km/h are reached from standstill in 9,1 seconds. For example, a Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 needs 9.9 seconds to do this…

Notice your brakes: are ceramic and have their origin in the Audi R8, with discs of 380 mm in its front axle and 360 mm in its rear axle. Your suspension is a KW DCC, type coilover with electronic adjustment adaptive. And the alloy wheels also go unnoticed, by adopting the well-known OZ Superforgiata 19-inch, with tires semi-slick Toyo Proxes R888, in sizes 235/35 ZR19.