More weapons for the Audi R8 and TT thanks to Audi Sport Performance Parts

the news of The day today, without a doubt, has been the presentation of the new Audi A8, its fourth generation. However, it has not been the only innovation of the German firm, because it also presents us with a series of “additives” official that are coming to the end of this summer. Will the Audi R8 and Audi TT in the hand of the new range of components called Audi Sport Performance Parts.

The new components of Audi Sport Performance Parts will be available in the range Audi R8 and also the range TT, including the TT, TTS and TT RS. Best of all is that, later, new parts and accessories will arrive and spread across the rest of the range sport of the firm of Ingolstadt. These pieces cover four important areas to improve a vehicle, such as: suspension, exhaust system, exterior elements and interior elements. You describe them.

In the three models of the range TT (TT, TTS and TT RS) are offered several kits of cooling for the braking system, which will improve the performance of the most important system of the car. For the Audi TT RS, in addition, they are available a few brake discs front in steel more effective.

To all the variants of the Audi TT and the Audi R8 come some suspensions covalier two-way or three-way. Also a new 20-inch wheels, machined and milled, finished in a black that comes directly from the competition. Get to reduce the weight of the assembly to 7.2 kg in the range TT and 8 kilos in the R8. In the case of the TT, Audi Sport Performance Parts equipped with a few tires in measure 255/30 R20, while for the Audi R8 are 245/30 R20 front and 305/30 R20 rear.

The Audi TT can benefit from a bar turrets to the rear axle, improves its strength and increases the need for precision at high speeds. The TT RS, which we recall makes 400 HP, you can to increase the limitation of electronic speed until you reach 280 km/h. The Audi TTS and TT RS have a new system of titanium exhaust signed by Akrapovic.

But not everything is there. Audi Sport Performance Parts offers a kits Aero developed in the wind tunnel for both ranges, which are composed of front air intake, side skirts and a new diffuser. The Audi R8 also increases its aerodynamic load, up to 250 kg when running at its maximum speed of 330 km/h. All these parts are aerodynamic, are made in carbon fiber.

sportsmanship inside is increasing exponentially, thanks to new steering wheels sport multi-function clad in Alcantara, with red marking at 12 o’clock. The cams for the TT with transmission S tronic are also carbon fiber. To more extreme, your Audi TT can replace the back seats by a structural reinforcement special carbon fiber that reduces the weight of the assembly in 20 kg

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