More wood: 10 modern cars with the front of your classic version

just a few days Ago we told you about a series of composite images, the most eye-catching: 10 sports classic with the front of its modern version. All a nonsense, right? It was the idea of the guys from CarThrottle, fighting back today with 10 modern cars that I have transplanted the front of your classic version. And I recognize that in some cases, the combination is not at all unpleasant. How would you feel to a BMW i8 the front of a 850CSi? And what about a Range Rover the front of your predecessor?

it Is clear that the modern cars do not have as many right angles as the cars of the past.

To see the whole car you will have to spend for the web CarThrottle, but I can advance two or three images for do not leave you with honey on the lips. Here you can see that the evolution of the automotive sector has given place to a car much more rounded than once, with the front much less sharp. Are cars today much safer for the pedestrian in case of collision, reason for the that have also disappeared those mythical headlights disappearing from the 80’s and 90’s.

Also make us sigh for designs less cluttered, more simple as before. If you look at the front of the Honda Civic Type R with that of his predecessor pasted and tell me that you feel bad.



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