Morgan 3 Wheeler EV3 UK 1909 Edition, class and technology retrocompatibles


Modernity style Morgan, the union of manufacturing in wood, and electric propulsion

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is without a doubt one of those vehicles that every lover of sports cars I would like to try some day. The manufacturer English vehicles classic cut and artisan production dared to bring back a model that starred in legendary races over the years 20.

Now not only taken a step further with an electric version but also to curl even more the curl throws this special edition that exudes class and technology in each of its three wheels. The Morgan EV3 UK 1909 Edition was born as a limited edition to promote the new EV3.

To this end it has sought a partner that is also a giant is their country, the department store chain Selfridges, which also was born in England in 1909 as Morgan. Both have never lost the good customs of the past and that is why you joined for the first time to launch this spectacular vehicle that can only be 19 units.


The interior has been redone completely, with better materials and touch more exclusive

with Respect to the Morgan 3 Wheeler EV3 we find significant changes. The nose is more hollow due to the replacement of the combustion engine in favour of an electric motor, whose maximum power is 62 HP capable of reaching speeds of up to 145 km/h attached to a autonomy which will be close to 120-150 miles, 193 and 241 km respectively, depending on our driving.

in Addition to the interior, which still retains that style that is unmistakably Morgan, has been modified to carry a passenger and step tapizarlo in a more exclusive. What will not change is that body in the shape of a bullet, the classic and minimalist rear and the front wheels “on the air”.

Selfridges suggests the full UK 1909 Edition Driving Kit with which to dress for the occasion to drive this unique vehicle. The clothing to go as at that time picks up garments such as a jacket Belstaff, scarf, shoes, hat, glasses, scarf or bag. All to play for as well as to make the experience 3Wheeler EV3 more complete.