Morgan will have hybrid and electric 2019

Morgan EV3

Morgan EV3 Concept

If we speak of tradition in the automotive world, there is no doubt that Morgan is the brand more traditional, not only for the vehicles it sells, but by its artisan manufacture. However, that is not reason enough for Morgan to update and adjust to the new technologies of propulsion in the car. Morgan has announced that it is working on the development of electric and hybrid vehicles.

To develop and implement these technologies, Morgan will support a project funded with € 7.7 million background of the Advanced Propulsion Centre uk in the that will help british companies such as Delta Motorsport and Potenza Technology. The goal is to reduce by hybridization and electrification the consumption and emissions of CO2.

Morgan EV3The developed technologies will be introduced in models of the range Morgan in the face 2019 and before the end of the present decade, all the Morgan will count at least with a hybrid variant. With these new propulsion systems Morgan will improve the efficiency of their cars and expect a remarkable growing demand in markets such as the Uk or the rest of Europe. A higher demand would imply hiring more employees.

On the models of electric propulsion Morgan has not finalized anything. In 2015, the british firm presented a prototype electric on the 3 Wheeler called Morgan EV3. This prototype weighs just 25 kilograms more than its counterpart gasoline and has 101 horsepower. The range is 241 miles, and full recharge can be done in four hours. In addition, it keeps a good performance with a 0-100 km/h in 6 seconds, while top speed is limited to 129 kilometers per hour.

Source – Morgan