Morgan will launch its first hybrid from 2019


Morgan will equip mechanical hybrid from 2019

Morgan announces plans to introduce mechanical hybrid in its range from 2019. The constructor craft vehicle communicates to you that will lead a project of six million pounds (almost 7.9 million euros) to develop new propellants hybrid and electric. Morgan is not alone in this task since it will count with the collaboration of the companies Delta Motorsport and Protenza Technology.

classic Style with mechanical hybrid of the last generation

will Allow for the development of mechanical more efficient, which would lead to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions the environment, as well as better fuel economy. These new technologies will be applied to the range of Morgan from 2019 to gradually invades their entire supply of vehicles.

The charismatic constructor expects these thrusters not only increase the efficiency and respect for the environment, but also give their vehicles a greater degree of refinement and comfort during the march. Qualities that will be perceived by your customers at home, the Uk, and the rest of Europe raising the volume of work both in the factory in Malvern as well as in the associated companies.


Recently, it was presented the Morgan EV3, based in the exotic Morgan 3 Wheeler, the second prototype 100% power of the English, after the Morgan Plus E. This one used a electric thruster of 102 CV that sends its power exclusively to the single rear wheel that is mounted, not bad at all considering that the prototype only weighed 450 Kg. Its features have not been announced but yes autonomy: 240 km.

The Director-General of Morgan, Steve Morris stated in the press release: “This is a very exciting project for us. We have been involved in the research and development of new technologies of propulsion from the start of the project, LifeCar almost ten years ago. We are now ready to develop the best solutions for hybrid and electric-drive for the production deployment before the end of the decade. We expect the project to deliver benefits for growth and employment here in Morgan, and in our associated companies, but also will increase the attractiveness of the brand Morgan and attract new customers in our key markets “.

At present, their range mounts thrusters Ford on the Morgan 4/4 (1.6 l 110 HP), Morgan Plus 4 (2.0 liters 144 HP), Morgan Roadster (3.7-liter V6 284 HP), in addition to the 4.8 liter V8 of 367 HP source BMW in the Morgan Plus 8 and Morgan Aero 8.