Most dependable car brands

When it comes to purchase a car people generally goes for known brand name mostly found in TV advertisement, but are they reliable enough to trust blindly? Every company use terms like “most reliable”, “most comfortable”, “striking designs” to draw customer attention; they embed those terms into the customer’s head; so that people may choose those brands that sound astounding. Here we are going to check the reviews of some of the most reliable cars of every genre which are selected by the reviewers.

Reviews for Mazda MX-5 Miata

It is one of the best reviewed sports cars; it is continuously holding its market for last 25 years and one of the most reliable car brands around the world. The test drivers say that this two-seat cockpit has adequate space for the tallest occupants, their seats are comfortable, but some have found that seats cannot provide favorable comfort. It has four-cylinder engine; according to the reviewers, compared to other affordable sports cars it is less powerful though it still provide supple acceleration. The users are satisfied with the clear-cut shifter and light clutch that the manual conduction offers. According to the satisfied customer it’s really fun to drive with reactive steering and strong handling. And its deficiency is, there is no USB port and Bluetooth phone connectivity and automatic track and climate control are optional.

Mazda RX-8, the small, 1.3 liter gyratory engine with rear seats, is really comfortable especially for children. Two extra half-doors with extra cargo space make it favorite and reliable sporty cars. But this model is no longer produced. Mazda is renowned for its durability and fuel efficiency.

 Reviews of Audi

15 years have passed since Audi introduced the TT in the market; but still now it’s highly desirable among the customers. Its splendid interior decorations and price is cheap. You can choose from Roadster to Coupe models with front and four-wheel-drive conductions and 1.8 engines versions like 180bhp, 225bhp. The Audi has remained in the top 10 list for the last 3 years; the Audi A3 is highly in demand and customer can count of them. Hence it may be enlisted as the most reliable car brands.


Though German car is poorly reputed for its reliability Mercedes-Benz is able to reduce the infamy. This luxury brand has multiple models with same transmissions and engines. They give priority to one thing that is customer satisfaction.


Corolla and Camry these two models of Toyota acquire supremacy in selling than other models. Besides that Sequoia, 4runner, Avalon and land cruiser are also notable models with high-mileage. You can see Toyota in every road around the country. Due to their durability and all high quality materials they are customer’s favorite choice and can be considered as one of the most reliable car brands.