Most security systems are mandatory for all new cars

Frenada automática emergencia Subaru Outback

victims on the roads throughout Europe have been considerably reduced in recent years. The best infrastructure and measures security pathways, as well as the remarkable evolution of the vehicles and their safety systems, they allow the figures of the deceased, by luck, every time they are minors. Despite this, there are to keep fighting because it is reduced to the minimum possible.

To get an idea of this reduction, in 1990, died 76.650 people on european roads, while in 2009 the data was from 35.360 and in 2015 26.120 deceased. Without doubt the improvement of our roads will have had a lot to do, but even more, the measures of active and passive safety of our cars, with systems like ABS and ESP active safety, or the Airbags and the body of strain scheduled in the case of the passive safety.

Now it seems that there is a slight stagnation, so that the European Commission has drawn up some plans for that certain measures of security of our cars are traded compulsorily in all new vehicles; that is to say, that not only can be enjoyed for those who can afford it financially speaking, but that you buy the car that you purchase count on it.

Frenada automática de emergencia

Two of the proposals are very interesting, although to tell the truth unamás another. The most important of all is the system of emergency braking autonomous. In case of detecting that we move quickly to the vehicle that precedes us (or that you are standing in front of us), the system of emergency braking usually notify us of the situation and, if in a few moments we have not responded, apply autonomously a powerful braking force; avoiding the shock by scope or significantly reducing the consequences.

on the other hand is the assistance in the maintenance of lane. There are systems that alert you through vibrations or sounds, in addition to visually, that we’re out of our lane, acting always and when we don’t let the flashing. Other systems are able to take “partially” the control the direction by applying a small force on the same, and guiding the vehicle on the lane.

Both the emergency braking autonomously as the warning of lane departure are mandatory on heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks. The second can be somewhat annoying, especially on winding roads, but it will prevent a driver to leave the lane in case of a distraction or in case you fell asleep at the wheel.

The objective of the European Commission is that the number of deaths on the roads is below the 15,000 dead for the year 2020.

Source – Coach