MotoGP 2015: Jorge Lorenzo, a five-times winner of the world and three-time MotoGP


Jorge Lorenzo, the Spanish rider of team Yamaha, has proclaimed this Sunday afternoon in three-time world of the highest category of the motorcycling and five-times winner of the world by adding up the two scepters global made in 250 c. c. in 2006 and 2007.

The spaniard, who had yet to reach the top of the MotoGP since the year 2012, turns to be the champion becoming the second Spanish driver in the history of motorcycling, with more world titles (5), behind Angel Nieto that sum 12+1, and ahead of Marc Marquez with 4.

Top 10 world Motorcycling

Thanks to this, the fifth world, Jorge Lorenzo gets into the top 10 of pilots with more scepters global history. The Yamaha matches drivers and riders from the likes of Michael Doohan and Anton Mang, and is placed behind Geoff Duke, Jim Redman, who own 6 world.

At the top of this classification will remain, and will do so for a long time, Agostini (15), Nieto (13), Rossi and Hailwood (9), Ubbiali (8) and Read and Surtees (7).


The pilot with more victories in 2015

May not have been the most regular of allthe paddock as it has finished 12 races on the podium by the 15 of Valentino Rossi, but that is of no doubt is that it has been the pilot with the highest number of victories in MotoGP 2015, with 7 by the 5, Marquez and 4 of Rossi.

In fact, with this seventh victory, Jorge sum 61 victories in total and one more year will remain in the 5th position of the ranking of highest number of victories in the motorcycling world, behind the 123 de Agostini, 112 of Rossi, 90 Angel Nieto and 76 Hailwood.