MotoGP prevents 'crash' with the Formula 1 and change the schedules of Assen


The season 2017 is one that presents the closest match between the calendars of MotoGP and the Formula 1 World the past few years. Although a large part of these ‘crashes’ do not affect the viewer by the different time zones that have the headquarters of the Big Awards and that lead to both contests to compete in hours very different, this case is not between the GP of the Netherlands MotoGP and GP of Azerbaijan Formula 1. For this reason and to avoid fans having to choose between one or the other discipline, Dorna has decided to change the timings of the MotoGP in Assen.

In this aspect, Dorna has advance the celebration of the MotoGP race until 13:00 hours, one hour before the scheduled type that have the european championship. This allows the start of the Grand Prix of MotoGP takes place two hours before the departure of the Formula 1 race on Baku, so that both tests will not overlap in the time for the happiness of the fans of both categories. To compensate for this change, Moto2 will be held after the MotoGP race at the 14:30 hours, following the order that is usually given in the free and in the practice sessions, qualifying.

This change only applies during the day of Sunday and although the final stretch of Moto2 if they ‘clash’ with the Formula 1, in Dorna considered it a lesser evil. However, Friday’s free MotoGP and Formula 1 are not coincident, nor have the same schedule the sessions that will serve to fight for the pole position. While the compendium of FP4, Q1 and Q2 of the MotoGP held between 13:30 and 14:50 hours, the FP3 of Formula 1 ends at 13:00 hours and the classification starts at 15:00 hours.