Motorsport Manager for PC can be played for free until the 27th of march

Motorsport Manager para PC

Motorsport Manager for PC can be played for free until Monday, march 27.

The truth, I cannot think of a time more suitable than this to be installed the PC version of Motorsport Manager. Until next Monday march 27, you can play for free on PC, Mac and Linux, via Steam. There is No better way to clear the possible doubts you have about this video game simulation of sport management focused in the motor world.

few months Ago when I published my analysis of the Motorsport Manager for PC since I noticed that we were talking about a video game that is essential for the followers of Formula 1 (or other categories of cars) a few years ago spent long hours in front of the computer enjoying titles like PC Football. It is more, I can say that we are before a video game unique in its genre for the platform king.

Although after the specified date, there will be no way to test for free the PC version of Motorsport Manager, if during these days, the game created by the guys Playsport Games you’ll be able to purchase it with a discount of 50% (offer will end also on Monday, march 27). 17,49€ is a very interesting price for a title that offers us a huge amount of hours of fun in front of our computer.

Motorsport Manager para PC

Until march 27, Motorsport Manager will be able to be purchased with a 50% discount through Steam.

on the other hand, it is important to note that we do not need a powerful machine to be able to move with ease Motorsport Manager, the minimum requirements are quite acceptable and any computer of mid-range you can run fluidly the game. In addition, we will be able to adjust the video settings to increase the “FPS” (Frames Per Second) if you so wish.

taking Advantage of this special promotion and the chance to try free play, Playsport Games has released a new episode of “From the Pit Wall” and in this occasion the protagonist is Karun Chandhok, who was a Formula 1 driver and current technical analyst of F1 speaks of the situation of some teams face the first test of the season 2017, the Australian Grand Prix and the Albert Park circuit.

In last place and mode of owner, it is important to remember that in a matter of a few days it will hit the stores the edition physics of Motorsport Manager, and that will include all the packages DLC released to date, as the “GT Series”. And if you’re a more casual player, you can always opt for the mobile version simulation game of sports management that can be downloaded to Android devices or iOS.

“From the Pit Wall”. Karun Chandhok, the pilot of Formula 1 gives us the keys to face the Australian GP 2017 F1.