Motorsport Manager for PC get the update “Everyone's a winner”

on The 10th of November Motorsport Manager landed on the platform of “king” after the
release of its PC version. Already available for Windows, Linux and Mac,
through the platform of Steam, the guys from SEGA and Playsport Games (study
developer behind the game), have announced the imminent publication of the first update that you will receive the game.

Motorsport Manager PC - screenshot

several weeks ago Motorsport Manager is now available on PC for Windows, Linux and Mac.

from morning Thursday, December 15th, we will be able to download the update “Everyone’s a winner” for the popular simulator sports management focused on the world of the engine. An update that will come loaded with interesting news. To all this we must add that several weeks ago also issued the first patch of improvements to solve a large list of bugs and errors.

But, back to the update “Everyone’s a winner”, will be introduced in the game the new 2D-mode that will allow players to change the appearance of the race instantly between the above-mentioned 2D view and 3D. The goal of this new function is to offer a vision of the whole of the race at the tactical level to make the best decision about pit stops or strategy that you must follow the riders of our team.

in Addition to the new camera 2D vision, this update also greatly improves the balance of the game and solves the problems linked to the blue flags (Blue Flag), since the behavior of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) left much to be desired, hindering that is in excess of the riders who had preference to carry out the overtaking.

Motorsport Manager PC - screenshot

The update “Everyone’s a winner” introduces interesting improvements in Motorsport Manager.

it should Be noted that the update “Everyone’s a winner” Motorsport Manager will be totally free. Just launch the game from the 15 of December for it to download automatically. As well we said at the beginning of the article, the PC version of the simulator of sports management is available through Steam with a price of€ 34.99.

If you’re interested in trying the game, I recommend that you take a look at this analysis of the Motorsport Manager for PC that I published a few weeks ago, as well as to the minimum requirements of the game to be able to enjoy a pleasant experience on this platform. Motorsport Manager is also available on iOS and Android.