“Motorsport Manager for PC will arrive in September via Steam”. Interview with Christian West, Founder and CTO of Playsport Games


we Interviewed Christian West, Founder and CTO of Playsport Games, company is the creator of Motorsport Manager.

Good morning Christian West. In the first place, I would like to thank you in name of all the drafting of Engine.is by given to answer all of our questions about the impending landing of Motorsport Manager on your PC. A long awaited arrival to this platform after its success on mobile devices (iOS and Android).

After the success of Motorsport Manager on iOS and Android, is the game available in physical format for PC or will continue to be distributed digitally?

Motorsport Manager will continue to be distributed digitally on the PC. We are considering a possible release in physical format in the future, although at the moment there is nothing planned.

Motorsport Manager PC - Screenshot

Motorsport Manager is the best simulator car of sports management that we can find currently.

If Motorsport Manager continues to be distributed in digital format, through what platforms it will be distributed?

Motorsport Manager will be released in September via Steam and will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

what challenges have you faced in the development team to work on the portability of Motorsport Manager from mobile devices to PC?

The PC version of Motorsport Manager has been created from scratch. We wanted to make sure we use the right system. Despite this, the essence of the game is the same, you still have to make the right decisions to be able to carry your riders and team to victory in each race.

Motorsport Manager PC - screenshot

In Motorsport Manager, we will put ourselves in the role of a Director of Formula 1 Team.

the circuits and The cars have been modeled in 3D. You’ll be able to see them in action on the track fighting for the win in every race. We have also been working on creating weather effects. visually very real, as the rain to fall as well as the water that builds up gradually on the track. All of this will help the player to take the best strategies during the race. Without a doubt, we’ve worked very hard to provide a great racing experience to our players.

One of the most valuable aspects of Motorsport Manager is, without doubt, the “Program for New Pilots”, at its arrival to PC, what deepens the game in this aspect or has remained as is?

we Now have a persistent world for drivers and teams. Throughout the different seasons you will be able to discover new talent as future stars of this sport. It is common to find yourself in the situation of trying to steal the new stars to rival teams to sign them. To play the role of team principal, you will be the person in charge of negotiating contracts with multiple pilots to sign young promises of the competition.

Motorsport Manager PC - screenshot

Both the circuits as the environments and the cars have been modeled from scratch in 3D.

on the other hand, one of the aspects that the players point out that should be improved in Motorsport Manager is the way in which weather conditions affect on the “setup” of the car, could you tell us if this function has been enhanced and/or reinforced?

We have modeled each car to the smallest detail. Players will be able to spend more time developing and setting up the setup of each car. Each circuit has its own characteristics and you run in different locations around the world. The tracks are traditional require that the car has a configuration that facilitates reaching a higher speed in the long straights, while in the city circuits you need more downforce in the curves. As a player, you will need to analyze the characteristics of each circuit to configure correctly the car. If your team has a big budget, you can build specific parts for every Grand Prix, while in the opposite case, you should choose to accentuate the virtues of your car.

In your opinion, what factors have been most important in the success of Motorsport Manager between the players?

Motorsport Manager is a game of strategy genuinely fun and creates a world that is interesting to be a part of it. I have received numerous messages from followers of the game telling me that you are really enjoying all aspects of the game. Although, in principle, Motorsport Manager can seem very complex, thanks to the depth offered in all areas becomes a title very interesting for the amateur to the world of racing cars.

Motorsport Manager PC - screenshot

do Not rule out a possible launch of the Motorsport Manager for PC in a physical format.

is There any detail of the game in which you see reflected especially your interest in motor sports?

Personally I love the idea of leading a racing team. I like to see the driver trying to reach the maximum performance out of the car and engine to close the gap with the race leader as the pass turns, finally, to be thrown in a hole to make the overtaking, and lead from beginning to end the last lap of the race. In addition, all this, together with the need to make different decisions that affect in a direct way in the development of the road. Do you have the pilot that save fuel? How you can throw the background during the remainder of the Grand Prize?

In Playsport Games are a team of passionate by the world of motorsport. Rob loves the most political of motor sports at the time of taking the decisions that directly affect the regulations that affect the development of the engines or the fuel use at each Grand Prix. In addition, thanks to this, we have implemented the possibility of making changes in the rules of the game, something that, as we say, has a direct impact on the development of the championship.

Motorsport Manager PC - screenshot

It has been deepened to improve the program for new pilots in the PC version.

the grill Of the current Formula 1: please, name your three favorite drivers

I’ve Always been a fan of Jenson Button, but these days I am delighted with the performance that Max Versetappen and Daniel Ricciardo are getting. Hamilton and Alonso are a few “mega talent” so that should also be of mention. I would like to see McLaren fighting for podiums next season. It would be a climax to the career of Fernando Alonso.

please tell us your three teams of Formula 1 favorite

I Started watching motor sport in the early 90’s, when Williams were at the top of the table. So I have a special weakness for Williams. I live a few miles from the headquarters of McLaren so I also have a special affection for this team from a few years ago.

I Also have a “romance” by Ferrari. And although these recent years are going through bad times, I am sure that they will get that extra push to reach the world title again. I would like to see also Sebastian Vettel winning with Ferrari.

Motorsport Manager PC - screenshot

In the PC version of Motorsport Manager you can configure even the slightest details of the cars.

following the recent changes in the rules of Formula 1 and the clear dominance of Mercedes-AMG F1, have you lost part of your interest in F1?

This season is still fantastic. The Formula 1 is wonderfully good, and I think that this last decade has been exceptional for this category. The criticisms, though some are justified, I think it’s much more entertaining that in the decade of the 90’s. However, I think that this sport has to open more and should listen to the fans. And the same should be done with the television, leaving little by little the habit of working behind the walls in secret. Have a wonderful product and is very exciting. People just need to be able to access it.

If you could put yourself in the role of Bernie Ecclestone or Jean Todt, what aspects you would try to improve on the Formula 1 to encourage the show?

the spectacle of Formula 1 is already a fact. Would be to make sure that the experience both in television as well as in the circuits favoring such a spectacle. I’m a fan of this sport now that I could see my first races with ten years.

¿it Might reveal some of the novelties that we will see in the PC version of Motorsport Manager?

Everything has been expanded. It has worked a lot deeper into all aspects of the game. Additionally, as I said earlier, we have modeled from scratch all the circuits, cars and other items. You can play free practice sessions to be able to know all the ins and outs of each circuit so that you take the right decision at the time of preparing the car for the race. When choosing the best tires for every occasion, or the strategy in the pits will be something that we will have the control.

thank you for your attention and again, we send you a cordial greeting on the part of the whole writing Engine.it is.