Motorsport Manager: now available for Linux and the first patch of improvements


Motorsport Manager can now be downloaded by users of Linux or SteamOS.

From the 10th of November is available through Steam the PC version of Motorsport Manager. The launch of the popular management simulator, sports on mobile devices finally lands on the platform king of the world of video games. Although, in principle, could only be downloaded by users of Windows or Mac, it finally does and can already be downloaded by the players that use Linux and SteamOS.

In this way, and after their arrival to the computers that use Linux operating system, Motorsport Manager is already present in all its versions. In addition, taking advantage of the introduction of the version for the Linux users, Playsport Games, the studio developer behind the game, have released the first patch of improvements that eliminated numerous errors and improves performance.

Minimum Requirements for Motorsport Manager on Linux
SO Ubuntu 14.04+ and SteamOS
Processor Intel Core i5-650, 3.20 GHz / AMD FX-7500 APU, 2.1 Ghz
Graphics nVIDIA GeForce GTX 440, 1 GB, AMD Radeon HD 5670, 1 GB, or Intel HD 5000 Series


in Addition, it has released the first patch which improves many errors and bugs of the game.

come in the first patch improvements

As we have said at the beginning of the article, taking advantage of the launch of the Linux version of Motorsport Manager, the study developer has seen the ideal time to publish the first patch improvements that comes to fix some of the bugs, faults and errors detected during these first two weeks.

below is a list of the changes most notable to enter this first patch:

  • Improvement in the simulation of time and weather conditions
  • Improved the behavior of the AI with the blue flags
  • Changes in the behavior of water in the cars when the track is wet
  • Corrected the initial statistics of the car
  • Fixed a bug related to the end of the rain even though the weather mark that was sunny
  • Fixed a bug by which the cars could go up or down position without having to advance or be exceeded
  • Fixed an issue where if a rider won the race but later on detected irregularities in his car media were still thinking that she had won the race
  • Improvement in the display of the screen in which designed the single-seater
  • Fixed the issue that, sometimes, the safety car did not leave the track
  • Corrected the behavior of the AI for the cars would stop abruptly at the exit of pit
  • added a lap counter for each one of the riders that are competing
  • Fixed numerous bugs that resulted in the block of the game
  • Fixed the issue that the race is not ended if there were only two cars on track
  • Fixed the problem that the music in the game stopped after you save or the auto save
  • Corrected the problems in which the graph of the financing of the equipment it stopped working