Motorsport Manager ready for their landing on PC

Motorsport Manager - screenshot

Playsport Games announces the arrival of the Motorsport Manager for PC.

it’s official. One of the best simulators of sports management in the world automobile will make the leap to mobile platforms. Playsport Games has announced the arrival of the Motorsport Manager for PC, Mac and Linux. A landing that will occur more specifically from the month of September and from the hand of SEGA Europe. A game that, to date, is available exclusively on mobile devices with iOS or Android.

¿don’t know Motorsport Manager? As we say, is a simulator of sports management with which you’ll have the opportunity to build your own team to compete throughout the world in various tests automotive. You will need to put yourself in the role of team managers when taking the most important decisions. Signings, design, statistics, composition of the technical team, etc… You will need to think carefully each step so your team can win the world title.

One of the main causes of the success that Motorsport Manager has had on mobile devices is the wide range of options offered to the player. In addition to taking decisions in regard to the recruitment and dismissal of both pilots and engineers, or mechanical, we can also design and build our own racing car from scratch and during the season we will be able to develop better with numerous details and options.

Motorsport Manager - screenshot

Motorsport Manager will also be available on Mac and Linux.

in Addition, thanks to its race engine in 3D, can be witnesses in first person of the free practice sessions, the qualifying sessions and the races. So we can have the first-hand information and take the relevant decisions in fractions of a second to make sure the best result before you see the checkered flag.

Christian West, Founder and CTO of Playsport Games, has commented the following about the important announcement of the arrival of the Motorsport Manager for PC of the hand of SEGA:

“As fans of motor sports, we have been waiting to play a game like this for a long time. So it was the original Motorsport Manager for mobile devices emerged.

we Wanted to leverage that experience and take it to the next level by building a new version of Motorsport Manager for PC, greatly improving the gameplay and with an unprecedented depth. With the help of SEGA, we are very confident to offer a management experience that fans of motorsports will love”.

¿Available in physical or digital format?

this Is a detail still unknown. We will have to wait to know if it is finally Motorsport Manager arrives to our computers exclusively in digital format or also will be available in physical format for the most ardent in this support, with the passing of the years, it continues to lose faithful. Especially among the young.