Motorsport real vs. motorsport virtual: do you Friends or enemies?


The world of virtual racing -or more commonly referred to as Simracing – has jumped to the front page of the news of the engine thanks to the event that the Formula E organized in Las Vegas, with some of the best pilots of simulator to face the pilots of the championship royal for a total of a million dollars in prizes.

The experience had its positive points, but not as many as probably the Simracers expected. In the world of the simulation there are several options and depending on what you choose, you can exploit different strengths. For the event in Las Vegas, the organization decided to choose the RFactor 2, a simulator with endless possibilities that, in addition, it allows anyone who has the necessary knowledge to prepare a mod based on the car that it considers appropriate.

The problem was that the mod chosen was not achieved and, therefore, nor squeezed the qualities of the simulator, nor allowed the neophytes to appreciate the level of sophistication and professionalism currently existing in the world of virtual racing.

Surely that has influenced also in those who quickly dismissed it as daring to establish a comparison between the pilots, both real and virtual. It is very likely that is not the purpose of the players, which usually begin in the world of virtual racing moved by his passion for motor racing and, therefore, his admiration for professional pilots play the necks in the real world.

it Is obvious that the real pilots must have a certain number of skills similar to those of a pilot virtual, both at the level of skill and technical. But also what is that those same pilots must confront situations of risk or physical preparation that, in the virtual world, does not exist.


The issue is that, if it is foolish to believe that a pilot virtual can be considered as prepared for the real life competition as a professional that takes years to do so (the most obvious example is Lucas OrdoƱez who, after competing in karting, he had to earn the opportunity to compete as a professional through the GT Academy and has needed a lot of training to stand out), equally foolish is to consider the drivers virtual bit more than players console. To be the best in any discipline -be it astrophysics or the racing sheets – requires a special talent and a lot of, a lot of work. There are professional pilots of virtual racing like you have in the actual races. And, saving the distances, deserve as much respect as any other activity, whether professional or amateur. The care for the material used reaches surprising levels, and, in the end, there is more than an activity like any other in that each uses the effort that considered on the basis of their aspirations.


What Formula E has done has been daring because has joined two activities are very different, but have a common link: the races. There are those who are what has been interpreted as a personal attack against the world of real racing, a way of diluting its essence and to belittle its complexity. Nothing of the sort. Simply bring the passion for the Motorsport a step further by driving a new route on which to grow and expand. A according to the new times, according to that fond young man who both longs for the Formula 1 dazzle.

The first step is given by the Formula E can be improved a lot. But perhaps we should stay with that has been given. Now it remains to be seen if it is the first of many and if there is enough will on the part of fans and stakeholders-traditional and to build something positive and beneficial for both worlds, or, on the contrary, the fear of the unknown due to the opportunity that is presented. Two worlds have much more in common than both are willing to recognize. Especially one of them.