Mouton: “I Trust Martha Garcia, you can get very far”


Michelle Mouton, the current President of the Women in Motorsport Commission of the FIA, is possibly the woman most successful in the world of racing. The official driver of Audi in the Championship of the World rally championship he won four races and became runner-up in 1982. A few years before, in 1975, he won his class in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and also the Pikes Peak in 1985, among many other achievements.

In an interview granted to Motorsport, Mouton has spoken of the causes which make it so difficult for women to succeed, both on a physical level, such as economic and strictly sports.

“For women, it is even more difficult (highlight and ascend), because the base is very narrow, but there are more women and girls who want to get involved and I think the best thing is that you have more amount. Are mainly the girls who are suffering from the budget. We have to Lucile Cypriano, for example, which won the Euro cup SEAT Leon last year against 34 guys. This year I managed to find the budget for the season and she has the potential, but what can you do?”.

To Michelle Mouton, the Spanish Marta Garcia is possibly the greatest promise of current in the plane of the female. Successful in karting, has already made his debut in the Formula 4 and in 2017 will face his first full season in single-seaters.

“The cars are not the discipline where we have more women, but I am confident that Marta Garcia, who has now begun in the Formula 4, you can go much further. She has had a lot of success in karting, it is still very young, and I think that is promising. It is difficult to say (if you can get to the Formula (1), but it has started very well. We ran three events in karting last year and finished in second and third place, which is not bad, it is a good start, now we will see how it does in the Formula 4″.

The ex-pilot believe that it is possible to get to see a woman in the grill of the highest category, but not beyond half of grill. And, one of the main problems has to do with the nature of the woman.

“a long time Ago we have seen women in F1 (Maria Teresa de Filipis, Lella Lombardi, Divina Galica, Desiré Wilson and Giovanna Amati), but personally I’ve never been absolutely sure that we will see a woman at the top in F1. I Think we’re going to see the women in the center of the grill, but not in the front”.

We are different to men, there is a difference when we feel the speed, so I’m not convinced yet and that has nothing to do with taking risks. It is, for me, a different sensibility. This difference comes when one is speaking of maximum speeds. If you had four boys and a girl testing a F1 car in a specific track and you tell everyone that a certain curve is taken to fund, I’m sure the four guys would do so immediately, while the girl would get it. Doesn’t mean it can’t do it, it just means that there is a small difference when it comes to driving at full speed”.

Bernie Ecclestone went on to suggest that creating female championships, but Michelle Mouton did not believe it was the way and that would solve nothing.

“For me no, because when you have the chance to be at the same level as the boys, I don’t see the advantage. When you’re behind the wheel, who can say if you are a man or a woman? in The end, you compete on the same track and even if you have a series only for women, people still compare the times with the men”.