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You know what best option to travel freely without having to stop at a toll plaza you’ll find anywhere in the Spanish highways? I Bip & Drive offer us a favor ETC at deep discounts, which will save us those tedious waiting for us to make our journey without complications of any kind, have you heard of them? We will tell you in the next lines.

Muévete sin fronteras con Bip&Drive

The latest technological advances have given us a number of facilities in our daily lives and fields related to the automotive industry was not going to be less. In this sense we can talk about as revolutionary as tolls or TAG , valid for the entire complex network of highways that cross the peninsula without even being forced to stop to pay the equivalent financial value, since operating from a electronic communications system supported in the form of waves coming from short range.

In Bip & Drive rely on this system to offer great advantages and discounts to drivers or company with a fleet of vehicles. In case you have a particular Bip & Drive for an annual fee of € 12 plus VAT, you can attach the device Via-T bank account you want, not to mention you can also perform these operations with credit cards you deem appropriate. Also with Bip & Drive offers a monthly bill, which specifies in detail the consumption recorded in VAT shown and transports done.

When you sign up for their services, you will have a private space, designed exclusively for you where you can take out a variety of operations, from check invoices, access your services, promotions exclusively or change any of your data. Both through this space or phone 900 83 11 11 to its team of professionals participate in anything you deem necessary. In addition, both tolls and parking make discount interest associated with the use of Via-T.

Bip&Drive sin peaje

On the other hand, at the level of companies, Bip & Drive plus some of the benefits mentioned in the previous lines will also find the help you need. Among other things you can control the cost of fleet one by one, you get personal attention, a plan entirely tailored to your needs, if you have a fleet of over 10 vehicles, or even have access to a variety of discounts.

All of these facilities can be yours for only 1 euro per month . time to travel without restrictions when traveling by car have come You knew Services Bip & Drive , what do you think?

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