MoveOn i30 Party, the live and live… you will what we have! (Interview)

Move on i30 party

Without a doubt, a special night. This is how we live the computer of Current Engine Move On i30 Party in Madrid. An event held by Hyundai, where we were made to feel at home and enjoyed the presence of guests of luxury told us, how is and how will be the future for the brand in the coming years.

In this event, we were able to watch a streaming broadcast of the actor and humorist Spanish Alex O’dogherty. In addition, since hall Sutton in Barcelona, we were able to see Roger Sanchez and a concert of the impressive Gloria Gaynor. To finish the regional group “Delafé” we are delighted the night.

Prueba Hyundai i30

In the expected event, could not miss the presence of Leopoldo Satrústegui. Current General Director of Hyundai Motor Spain-a charge that carries exercised since November of 2014), who told us the great success that Hyundai was closing the year 2016. In particular, 50,000 units sold in Spain. Although predicted a flood of sales of a 10% by 2017 with respect to the previous year.

Among other aspects, Satrústegui stressed the importance of a “plan of rejuvenation of the park”, due to the high average age of the park Spanish. With it, he warned that “if no action is taken, continue to age until 2020”. On the other hand, esperanzó trust in the plans of boost to vehicles with alternative energy on the part of the Government.

we Interviewed Francisco Martín Santiago…

The Regional Sales Director of Hyundai Motor Spain, Francisco Martín Santiago, was present at the celebration. He was kind enough to grant us a few minutes to tell us about the new launch; the Hyundai i30 and the rest of the range Hyundai, and this was what he told us…

In the presentation, we were able to see a video in which is showed in all its glory i30 rolling at the circuit of Jarama (Madrid). It described all the possible endings, calling special attention to the finish N. This termination will come to the whole family to be done to highlight the range of sport “not only in the i30, but also what we will see in the i20”. With this finish look a lot more aggressive, the more likely it is to come accompanied by possible mechanical turbocharged 1.6 L gasoline.

“We are covering new segments in new models and in the models already presented, we are completing the ranges that we already had”.

will Also be presented throughout the year, within the family i30, the crosswagon “with a personality that is brutal, will be a sales success. Out from what we are used to seeing in this segment”, he said Of Martin. What we will see for the first time in the Geneva along with the i30 fastback; a coupe with 5 doors, unheard of in its segment.

What will bring the arrival of the i30 to the C-segment?

a Multitude of versions and modern mechanical in both petrol as well as diesel, “The Hyundai i30 is the competition more directly in front of the best selling models in the segment C. we Want to encompass a much wider audience than with the previous generation; since the last model of i30 was a sales success, but not abarcábamos to the public in the segment.”

What will be your opponent to beat?

Prueba Kia Pro_Cee´d GT

“As a brand generalist, we want to be able to compete you to you with any of the competitors with the highest number of sales”. In addition, in terms of technological level, of series; Of Martin said that “, we put special attention in terms of level of security from version more basic and none of its rivals are currently offering in the market”.

What will be the bet mechanics of Hyundai in the future?

Genesis concesionario Corea del Sur

About that Hyundai will focus on the new mechanics driven by alternate sources of energy, no doubt about that. “The engines of diesel are still a focus issue in Europe; have a strategy, very strong with the vehicles hybrid, electric and plug-in hybrids. We begin with the IONIQ but by 2020, will launch 20 new models between Kia and Hyundai”.

What will happen with their namesakes in the Kia and the luxurious Genesis?

Genesis New York Concept

With the arrival of the new Kia Stinger it came to pass the subject on the use of platforms and elements in common between their models. In this regard, Martin made reference to the personality of Hyundai that, “despite sharing construction modules with Kia, each brand has its own character“.

On the rest of the range Hyundai and as a curiosity, we might anticipate that “the replacement of the i40 will arrive in brief“. In addition it is promoting the brand’s Genesis “are developing six new models that will appear by 2020 and that take a lot longer to get to Europe”. Among them the well known G80 and G90, in addition to a coupe (G70), SUV

Hyundai i30
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