Moving! Time to see the new 911 up

I have listed the changes in the new Porsche 911, you’ve talked about the price and even we have details of their passage through Nürburgring. Now it’s time to enjoy this relief of Porsche 911 (991), the new facelift, at first glance in video .

The mechanical 3-liter turbo become hollow relieving the 3.6-liter atmospheric passage and leaving with more power and less consumption. Now the Porsche 911 Carrera has 370 horses and the Carrera S 420 horses , but of course there’s more.

New optical active suspension as standard, a grill new bill starring the rear hood, the possibility of having the directional rear axle in the Carrera S …

Now you can also choose between different driving modes:

Along with these changes we also found for the first time in a Porsche 911 driving mode selector . Such systems have now spread throughout the entire automotive panorama and 911 now comes the hand of a new steering wheel in which a selector wheel is located. We tell you all the details of this system in the article “What the hell good is this selector, this Manettino, the new Porsche 911?”.

More on the new Porsche 911 2016:

comes on the occasion of Frankfurt 2015 and now you can know all the details in the article “Porsche 911 2016, all you have to know 7 keys: the movers arrive biturbo”.

Now, time to give the play and see the new video Porsche 911

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