Movistar F1 will continue with the exclusivity of the F1 to 2020

According to the newspaper The Spanish Movistar+ would have already come to an agreement and signed with Liberty Media to keep the rights exclusive of the F1 for 2018, 2019 and 2020. That is to say, the channel Movistar F1 would by issuing the races and official sessions of the F1 as well as special programs that perform on this sport for at least three more years. So for lack of a better means to see the F1 seems that we will not free ourselves so easily from Movistar and all those who would like to see the F1 and now can’t continue without being able to…

… unless you do not have good news soon and Liberty Media to know the results of that agreement they were dealing with Netflix to offer streaming content through the well-known content platform. If it is that these talks have borne fruit and soon if you have any news about this whole picture could change, although I don’t know if Movistar have gone beyond that and in the exclusivity also implies that services such as Netflix can’t offer in Spain such content and therefore we will have to keep pushing.

Honestly, regardless of if you have lost hearing and if the cars are more or less spectacular I think from that F1 stayed out of the media free and open also has been given a hard blow and are in urgent need of a renewal in this sense to return to some of the faithful users who are now unable to see her again to add in the statistics of hearing. I hope that there will soon be alternatives and not lastren.

What is certain is that Movistar was leaving, 2017, without having anything clear and leave the continuity in the air as well inform you here in AM. 10 months have lasted the negotiations and if it is true what it says in the journal The Spanish would continue for 3 more seasons. You have to be cautious and wait to see if that leads to affect the content via the Internet or not, perhaps they could have bid to low for those three years if they knew that the streaming sooner or later would make his appearance and we could have both media simultaneously offering content.

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