MP4-X, the futuristic prototype of McLaren for Formula 1


Photo: McLaren

were First Red Bull and Ferrari who published a prototype of a Formula 1 for the future, and now McLaren is the one who gives replica. Despite the fact that his season has been disappointing, from Woking are keen to demonstrate their concern for the future of this discipline. The british team has unveiled his MP4-X, a concept futuristic for the highest category of motor racing, single-seater dreamed of. “Modeling the future is something that we do every day at McLaren. At McLaren we always want to take things further,”, dictates the presentation. In the design presented shows a return many years after the ground effect to the Formula 1, solar cells that would help the current energy recovery systems, tyres, fairings and a cockpit closed that seek to protect the pilot from impacts in the head, among other innovations that can be seen in the photo gallery. A design, in any case, very similar to that already presented Ferrari and Red Bull.

Thus spoke John Allert, Group director of Brand McLaren: “With the futuristic McLaren MP4-X concept racing we wanted to look to the future and imagine the art of the possible. We have combined a number of key ingredients to the F1: speed, emotion and performance, with proposals emerging from this sport, such as enclosed cabs to improve driver safety and technologies of hybrid power. Formula 1 is the last sport of gladiators, and we expect a future of high technology, a showcase of high-performance that excites the fans like no other sport.”