MTM Audi TT Bimoto (2007): the TT of the 393 km/h had two engines and as much power as a Bugatti Veyron

We like the cars with two engines. Are absurd, its practicality is null and void, and tend to be handmade creations. And there’s your grace, in the humble opinion of a server. Although some brands have created projects one-off or competition, no one produces them in series. MTM is a preparer German who wanted to have his moment of glory with the Audi TT. In 2002, he presented the MTM Audi TT Bimoto, a spectacular preparation on the TT of the first generation that came to the 393 km/h, making it one of the fastest cars in the world.

once Upon a time an Audi TT two motors stuck

The cost of development of the first prototype was nothing less than 600,000 euros.

The project began in early 2002 and the first unit was completed by investing only 50 man-hours. The car starting was a Audi TT engine 1.8 turbo, five valves per cylinder. MTM installed a second engine in rear center position. Each engine has its own ECU, its own fuel supply and also its own gearbox. That is to say, all vital element is duplicated. Of course, you only have a set of pedals and four wheels, as well as a single lever changes.

The gearboxes were manual, and there was talk of one of the clutches toughest ever created. The rear engine is separated from the interior by a screen of carbon fiber, and is exposed to anyone who wants to see it through a plexiglass screen, similar to that of other supercars. In its first version of street, the MTM Audi TT Bimoto was pulling out 326 BHP of power of each one of its engines, with a combined output of 652 HP. New turbos, internal components reinforced, and a lot of electronics was the key to improving prestacional.

Your configuration of 740 HP did the 0 to 100 km/h in 3,1 seconds and 0 to 200 km/h in 8.9 seconds.

Subsequent versions were the minimum power of each engine at 370 HP. In this configuration of 740 HP and 1.020 Nm of torque, the car reached anything less than 374 km/h in in-circuit test of Nàrdo (Italy) in the year 2002. A speed lower than that estimated by MTM, who set to work to create a version especially adapted to break speed records. In 2007 was born the Audi TT MTM Bimoto Record Car. The differences with a Bimoto serial estribaban primarily on your body kit and aerodynamics.

A huge upper air intake – similar to the Honda NSX-R GT – was installed in the ceiling, while it enlarged the side entrance of air, needed to feed air to the rear engine. It retained its system with three queues of escape, and his body kit was reinforced with several spoiler and diffusers of large size. Everything was ready for the record, the pilot sitting in his bacquéts of carbon fiber and the fuel tank of 82 litres loaded to the edge. Before the car, the circuit of Papenburg.

Although only weighed 1.492 kg, had a team of Brembo braking with discs of 380 mm on the front axle.

The record MTM Audi TT Bimoto stayed in 393,26 km/h, verified by GPS. The goal of MTM was to overcome the barrier of 400 km/h, pointing clearly to the Bugatti Veyron. MTM came to launch an evolution of the two engines for this attempted record, bringing its capacity up to two liters, and modifying various internal components. This version top of range with 1.002 HP of combined power – a small puyita the Veyron – that did not exceed the target of 400 km/h, theoretically planned in 2007 on the circuit in Nardo.

you don’t Really know that happened, we do not know why MTM not tried again to overcome this mark. We understand that the company is focused on other vehicles, instead of following a development based on a vehicle already obsolete. Each unit of the 8 made – according to unofficial estimates – started at 250,000 euros and today remains the Audi TT fastest ever created.

Source: MTM
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