Mugen already has its own version of the new Honda S660


Mugen Motorsports today introduced its range of sports accessories for the new Honda S660 . With purely cosmetic changes, the roadster won aerodynamic package for more aggressive look.


Honda-S660-Mugen E l tuner officer Honda launched simultaneously with the disposal of roadster in Japan to the number of accessories that give the S660 a more sporty look. Mugen Motorsports was quick to release a series of pieces commissioned specifically designed for the S660.

Mugen Motorsports launched its range of accessories for the new Honda S660.

As is usual in the majority of releases Mugen, the S660 acquired modifications only aesthetically through a aerodynamic package that gives the roadster one more radical look.

The kit includes specific format bumpers, side skirts, rear spoiler and even hardtop to replace standard. Its exterior aesthetics is complete with a new grille Front mouth bigger and painted in black color, a darkened rear lights, air intakes on the hood and new vents in the fenders front , plus a renewed air intakes on the rear fenders.

On the other hand are also new the alloy , which can be both 15 and 16 inches.

In the subsequent field as well as the new bumpers, leaks output is double , while maintaining the center position.

In the cabin the options list is made up of items such as carpets, blankets for the rearview mirror and knob shifter finished with carbon or aluminum . Mechanically no modifications beyond the ability to upgrade the brakes and suspensions for a higher performance.

Mugen Motorsports like the other Honda specialists have advanced as Spoon, Blitz and HKS which surely must be developed their own variants of Honda S660 .





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