Münnich Motorsport is planning a double programme in the WTCC


The birth of the class ‘WTCC2’ in the World of Cars has as its main purpose the populate the grid in WTCC for at least 2017, although one of the attractions derived from this decision is that with a lower budget, private computers can be put in liza vehicles TC1 and TCR in the same championship. This option that points directly to structures such as Zengo Motorsport or Campos Racing, it seems that you have your first supporter, as Münnich Motorsport is working to compete with a vehicle TC1 and at least one TCR in the next season of the championship.

At least that is what emerges from the words of Dominik Greiner in ‘TouringCarTimes’. The Manager of the team Münnich Motorsport has confirmed that the German band will repeat a programme in the WTCC and even expect to be able to extend your bet:I can confirm that we look to be back in the WTCC next year. If you had asked me a few weeks ago, in Shanghai, maybe I would have said that we were not sure. But things have changed and it seems very likely that we go back to compete in TC1, although it remains to be seen which brand will. I don’t know yet, but we are also looking at running in TCN2“.

In this aspect, Münnich Motorsport would be one of the
candidates to have one of the Citroën C-Elysée
that Citroën Racing leaves the
championship after his departure as team official. A vehicle is undoubtedly
a step forward for a band that has competed with a Chevrolet Cruze TC1
in the past three seasons
after competing in 2013 with three Seat León 1.6 T.
For its part and by looking at the category ‘WTCC2’, the team has in the property a
Honda Civic TRC
with which he has competed in the ETCC and in the TCR Germany Series,
and that could well be your bet in the second category, newly born in the