Murcia to Latvia in the truck, and ended up trapped in a forest track of La Rioja

Camión atrapado en pista forestal de La Riojasometimes it is so difficult to write a story that you don’t know where to start. What you don’t know the truck driver Ukrainian, our history is not where it ended, probably to tell you that in the ends of the earth. The story goes that a trucker broke of Murcia, heading to Riga, Latvia, a long and tedious that it ended up in a forest track of La Rioja.

As the neighbors near the area of Monte Hondo, in Ezcaray, La Rioja, a truck driver Ukrainian was caught up in a forest area, a road that was far from your route. Started from Murcia transporting 22 tons of citrus fruits, and their destination was Riga, Latvia. As you can see, it had to cross Europe, but bad luck or a series of slips is crossed before.

The browser must have been playing a bad pass, and the driver got into a road that we can hardly believe that it is a truck of high tonnage. According to come sources, the vehicle was trapped, and the same authorities still don’t know how she was able to go down there, well, just a few meters before where he finally got caught he had a few turns, very steep.

A neighbor of the area was found with the chintz and discovered a driver completely swamped and bewildered. As for not be. With the help of a neighbor, also Ukrainian, to communicate, and the skill of the other driver, got to get the truck back, the only way to do it.

given this history we might think that the trucker mistook the route and decided to still follow the path. In the end, having been around was impossible, and back to reverse would have required outside help. In any case, the lack of attention to the GPS must be of first level, as I very much doubt that a GPS will send for a forest road on your main route. It seems that the mistakes happened and the end of the story ended happily with a story about the most curious.

Source – La Rioja