Muscle cars carbon SpeedKore, goodbye to 'iron american'


Dodge Charger 1970 for SpeedKore.

times change and technology advances, and even what may appear to be more traditional and untouchable sooner or later evolves. This is what you should think of the visitors to the SEMA 2016 when faced with the works of a specialized workshop SpeedKore. A good sample muscle american dressed with carbon fiber.

Not that this has been the first time that we see this element in a preparation on a american classic, the own Mustang SPLITR that the Ringbrothers presented last year at SEMA, already sported a body is completely new, made from this material. But in the case of SpeedKore, we are faced with a authentic specialist of the manufacturing in this composite material.

A look at their catalogue and we can see how it is a common element in their preparations, , which are characterized by having a design very sober and minimalist, but very badass.


original Lines and sober design, but badass.

For the edition 2016 of the SEMA, this workshop has prepared up to four cars, Plymouth Cuda 1970, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 2017, Dodge Charger 1970, and one of the Ford Mustang GT, 2017 submitted by the trademark blue oval. All of them show up in your body elements or panels made of carbon fiber view.

The two classical models are spectacular. Both the Charger as the Cuda feature an exterior design that respects the most of the original lines, the interior is very minimalist. And the dressing of the fibre of carbon, in a composition very dark type Stealth, is the perfect counterpoint that brings a touch of modern and technological feel as well to the applications restomod.

In the case of the current Hellcat and Mustang, the aesthetic result is not going to lag behind the muscle cars classics previous. If the Dodge is shown with a finish is mostly matte, the new Mustang appears completely coated in carbon fiber view. The design of the Mustang is spectacular and very eye-catching, because it has the racing stripe lines longitudinal in blue, leaving to the view the texture of the carbon fiber.


Ford Mustang GT 2017 SpeedKore.

This Mustang GT also has a preparation of the engine is V8 Coyote with supercharger Whipple stage 2. His power has not been declared, or by the specialist or by the brand itself, but views of other similar preparations, we can expect a power output in excess of the 700 horses. More spectacular, if it is the mechanical preparation of the Hellcat, which passes from the 717 CV (707 hp) original more than 1,100 HP.