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Are you traveling with family and children, and to top the mother has registered the trip. While cherubim food and insults are thrown equally, your wife and your mother have conspired to blame you how far from the center is the hotel that you found on the Internet, looking like a bargain but it was not so. And today we visit a museum of medieval art. I have nothing against art, but you and I know that art can also have four wheels and burn large doses of gasoline.

You and I know well that art can also have four wheels and large doses of burning gasoline.

Many do not share this healthy hobby – even considered vice – but fortunately, are in the right space. Today we travel, but this trip is not your family, maybe go alone or with a friend as quemadillo like you. Because route we go by the best automobile museums in the world meccas, temples of pilgrimage for fans of the brand and places to visit if by chance you are in the area. Any trip can be an excuse to visit these areas of happiness.

museo-porsche-mapdm-1440px only invaluable Vehicles sorted, cleaned and waxed only for the enjoyment of your eyes. Moreover, some deserve a trip exclusively or weekend getaway in a cheap airline. We recommend that factures several bibs, because if you’re like us you can leave the floor slippery. And of course, someone could slip and break an arm. We know that your budget is limited, but an excellent weekend whim and the first stop on your trip should be Germany .

engine cradle and home to brands such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW or Porsche. There are cheap flights from Barcelona to Stuttgart, and is easy to fly from Madrid to Munich. The idea is to land in Stuttgart route, and go straight to visit Porsche Museum . Located in the center of Zuffenhausen, this wonderful structure edgy released in 2009 houses an impressive collection of Porsche vehicles, ranging from the Lohner-Porsche hybrid century XIX the last 911 GT3 R competition.

All relevant road car in the history of Porsche are represented with a fantastic collection of missiles and racing heroes of Le Mans. It has very interesting temporary exhibitions. You can take a guided tour of the nearby factory Porsche or you can drive until Mercedes Museum tour, only a few kilometers . Again, a historical journey through the history of the manufacturer that invented the automobile, from the Daimler motorized tricycle to the last launch of the brand.

The course of German car museums is a real pilgrimage that every fan should do.

In a circular arrangement, we will go down from the top floor to the ground floor, while we revel in the “gullwing” original prototypes that were never produced racing cars of all times – the famous silver arrows – and even a small collection of commercial vehicles. Now it is when you go down to the garage of the museum and your rental car travel to Munich, a few hundred kilometers. But traveling by speed unlimited Autobahn is always nice.

It is in Munich where the BMW Museum where you’ll find more of the same: cars . This time it is not anything at all bad: Heroes DTM , motorcycles and even jet engines will accompany you as you discover the history of Bayerische Motoren Werke. A brand that generates hordes of followers, with excellent representation of Motorsport. Perhaps it is the ideal place for an exclusive and valuable BMW M1 car may never get to see on the streets and was the father of all the M later.

If a Bavarian beer and some bratwurst are not the climax to a great trip with lots of German flavor, I do not know what can be. It may not have a soul if you think otherwise. Without leaving Germany it is also possible to visit the museum of Audi in the Forum Ingolstadt Audi or Volkswagen Auto City in Wolfsburg . Personally, if time and budget are limited, I would stay in Stuttgart. A weekend plan will allow you to see all that we believe are two of the best museums in the world.

Tired of heat and summer at the beach? What better than a trip to the cold north, particularly to Sweden. Why? To visit the museums of Saab and Volvo , the two Swedish manufacturers par excellence. While Saab has recently disappeared, its historical legacy has not done and should not be overlooked in a museum run by fans and supported by the remaining funds of bankruptcy. A few kilometers from the Saab Museum in Trollhattan – is there any more Swedish name? – Is Gothenburg, Volvo headquarters and place a must for fans of this minority check mark

The city of Mulhouse car is an unknown gem with perhaps the greatest collection of Bugatti in existence.

small and quirky but very dear and important in the history of automobile brands. Sweden jumped to our neighbor and nearby France, where he is a very unfairly unknown museum. We go to a multibrand at the confluence of the borders of France, Switzerland and Germany. The Motor City Mulhouse museum is the world’s largest car, with a collection of over 500 vehicles ordered by eras with some belonging to the 1870s

The focus on French brands is clear, and currently houses the museum is possibly the biggest and best collection of Bugatti in the world, with hordes of unique Peugeot, Citroen and Renault. In any case, it’s worth a lot. Automotive history can not be understood without USA , in addition to being one of the world’s most car-dependent world, is one of the most passionate. Hardly a Sunday in which old European classic muscle cars and not roar through the streets of the country.

In the Mullin Museum in California the car is treated as a work of art, with spectacular pre-war machines in immaculate condition.

The ultimate American roadtrip is Route 66, but our route has two stops only: Bowling Green in Kentucky is the first. There is manufactured the Corvette since the mid-50s, and there is a delicious collection with the most iconic American sports par excellence copies. Although a landslide swallowed several vehicles a year, the phoenix has risen from the ashes and is still visitable. The second stop is the recently opened Mullin Museum in California .

A museum where the car is considered art, and where the directors of the museum itself speaks of their vehicles as who speaks of David by Michelangelo. The museum focuses on vehicles prior to the Second World War golden age of automotive design. The star of the collection is a Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic , whose purchase has been one of the most expensive recent transactions – at least publicly – of automotive history. 40 million

There are hundreds of car museums worldwide, some truly peculiar.

The land of the rising sun – Japan’s imperialism – can be another interesting destination car lover, if it can fund a long and expensive trip. The Megaweb Toyota museum or Oppama plant Nissan well worth it, although they are very focused on a Japanese public and may understand the posters and murals not possible. Taking advantage of the situation would not hesitate to visit an evening meeting of Japanese “Las Tunas”, which gather in large parking lots between highways to show their creations, each more outlandish. A true in either case experience.

Have we collected all the world automotive museums? In absolute , we only scratched the surface. In the United States or Germany just hundreds of museums dedicated to some undiscovered brands. Donington circuit as saved historical treasures of Formula 1 and sometimes there are jewels in museums of art and local museums. Sometimes manufacturers – such as Ferrari – convert an entire city into a tourist attraction per se, and brands as SEAT kept locked their historic vehicles waiting for the right moment to reveal to the public the crown jewels.

Of one thing we are sure, you will not be complaining or you will become lazy in these museums, theme parks for any lover of the car. What we can not guarantee the enthusiasm of your family .

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