Mustang Shelby GT500: listen to the hoarse sound of his V8 for the first time


New images of the Shelby GT500.

If you yesterday we showed the first images of one of the prototypes of the new Mustang Shelby GT500 with its definitive settings, today we bring you a new series of spy photos of one of these copies and the first video in which we can already feel its sound.

Although the audio of the recording is really bad, practically only hear wind, in the first moments in which is reflected the sound of the vehicle can feel the hoarse whisper of the engine, a purr taste very classic and typical of the engines for “fat”. So that the few who might be waiting for a new version of the V6 3.5-liter EcoBoost under the hood of the Shelby GT500 will be disappointed, this sounds like a V8 and the thick.

Although after watching the video it seems to be clear that we are faced with a V8
yet we still do not know what block will animate to the new GT500. The majority of
speculations point to a supercharged version of the current V8
Voodoo 5.2-liter
, a block plane crank currently employed
in the Shelby GT350 and GT350R.
According to some u.s. media, this would receive the name
Predator and would have a power over 700 horses.


Detail of the wheels camouflaged, with tires Michelin Sport.

In this new series of spy photos we can see with full detail, the most obvious sign that gives away the new GT500, its huge wheels.

As we saw yesterday, on the front axle, we found some monstrous tires Michelin Pilot Sport measures 305/30/ZR20, and while in the rear axle we have not been able to hunt the measure, in several images, these are displayed at least wider.

by way of comparison, the rubbers that mount the GT350 are 19 inches, so that we can get to the idea of the potential of this new version. As to the bizarre camouflage that carry the wheels, the last time that Ford used a similar system it’s to hide the brake carbonocerámicos, although this does not demonstrate that this prototype lead.


Behind 4 exhaust outlets and a new diffuser.

This unit also carries the visible rear spoiler that we could find in other prototypes
previous, but yes it has the same 4 thin outputs
escape at the ends of the bumper
. Among these we discover a
diffuser also camouflaged with a well other than that we can
found in the rest of the range Mustang, this appears flat at its base, where it disappears the canvas and I can only find vinyl.

In terms of its bodywork, the camouflage is very deep, but in some of the static images of the model we can clearly see in the ways of the grill of the Mustang, which appears very marked in its upper area, but this is not enough to be able to assert if the design holder is on the front of the Mustang 2018.

we Can expect the presentation of the new Shelby GT500 to the end of
this year, as the date is closer, but most likely not
let’s see until the next year, 2018. Ford already revealed the range 2018
the Shelby GT350, and such as have never been marketed simultaneously
both models, we can wait at least until the model 2019 not
let’s look at the new GT500