MV Agusta F4Z: bodywork of luxury to an Italian very exotic

The F4 is one of the bikes most sports MV Agusta, the legendary Italian brand of motorcycles. Versions of RR are authentic forbidden fruits, as exotic as a Pagani in the world of two wheels. On the basis of the exclusive F4, Zagato has explored a new territory, carrozando your first motorcycle. Taking advantage of the Chantilly Arts & Elegance 2016 – a contest of elegance organized in France – have been put together to MV Agusta the impressive F4Z, a supersport dressed in gala.

Will this be the first in a long list of collaborations in the world of two wheels for Zagato?

factory, the MV Agusta F4 is one of the sport bikes more stylish of the moment. Zagato goes a step further, designing a full fairing in which the undisputed protagonist is the headlamp. Round, combining the classicism of the MV Agusta of yesteryear with the futurism avant-garde. The result is a image somewhat victorian, retrofuturista… a living representation of the current known as “cyberpunk”. In addition, they have fairing the rest of the bike using aluminum and carbon fiber.

mv-agusta-f4z-3the lines of The fairing are soft, and they make gala of the classical scheme of colors of the brand, combining red with a light grey, the same that made famous during the 50’s and 60’s of the last century. Pay special attention to the aesthetic game of the exhaust, with a lip aerodynamic, very stylish. Your behind is the cleanest area of the bike, with a fairing short of retro style. Pollock whole is of red leather, and as it is logical, that turns this bike into a single seater. The kickstand has been removed, making it lack a support of parking.

The fuel tank is new bill, as well as the exhaust, creating completely handmade. It has been necessary to the relocation of some electrical components, such as the battery. At the mechanistic level, the MV Agusta F4Z does not vary with respect to the F4 of departure. It makes use of a powerful tetracilíndrico liter, able to develop a chilling 195 HP at 13.000 rpm. It is one of the bikes fastest of its category, thanks to a dry weight of only 185 kg.

mv-agusta-f4z-5then you only thing left is to enjoy your beautiful picture in a gallery of high resolution photos. Positions to choose from, that yes, I would stay with her stunning Aston Martin Vanquish.