N Performance, the new sub-brand Hyundai will debut in Frankfurt


The Frankfurt Motor Show is the venue chosen by Hyundai to present as ofiicial to his sports division called N Performance. They show two new prototypes.


hyundai-n-performance H Hyundai prepares for the world debut of its sports division. Within the next Motor Show Frankfurt will begin in a few days, the South Korean brand presented to N Performance , a sort of sub which will specialize in sports cars and will presenting two prototypes.

With a name and even colors that fail to keep reminding the sports division of BMW, Hyundai chose casually Germany to publicize this new venture. However, it has some logic because its development center , from which have left most of the latest products presented recently, have been developed at its German subsidiary .

Since the mark indicates that the cars developed by N Performance will not be left alone with the visual changes, but that will have futuristic technologies in terms of propulsion systems.

to show they are committed to the sport project, Hyundai will show in the German lounge i20 WRC new generation, the Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo , a conceptual work exclusively developed for the video game Gran Turismo, and RM15 Hyundai Concept , which uses a 2.0-liter 300 horsepower .

Hyundai aims to keep some chop segment that today is in the hands of traditional German marks Will they succeed?.



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