NanoFlowcell presents a new sports based on the Quant


First image of the new Quant 48V.

At the Geneva motor show we will see a new presentation of nanoFlowcell, on this occasion, the prototype of a sporty it appears to be based on the Quant, the first model introduced by this company from Liechtenstein.

This for the moment is only a prototype electric, but promises a performance which is truly amazing, as it not only is able to achieve the 300 km/h but it boasts of a autonomy of more than 1.000 kms.

Named for the moment Quant 48V has a mechanical power that is fed by a fuel that the company calls “bi-ion”. This is really two electrolytes that are stored in two tanks separately and they are charged positive or negative way. According to the company, the large-scale manufacture of this compound, which is non-toxic and is biodegradable, would allow a lower price to 10 cents a litre.


The first model who presented this european company was the Quant F.

The prototype has 760 HP, and having the same architecture as the Quant F concept original, it has 4 electric motors housed in the wheels. in addition, it Has batteries, so that not only feeds off the electricity that extracts the ionic liquid but also have batteries to store that energy.

Since the presentation of the Quant F at the Geneva motor show in 2015, the company has continued to develop the model, even to begin the road testing of the model in Germany, in addition to presenting the version Quantino, a variant of compact size.

The new model appears to be a variant more sporty models
have already been presented
of the company, perhaps losing the practice
configuration of 4 squares for a two-seater or 2+2.