nanoFlowcell Quantino, an electric prototype that works with saltwater


The nanoFlowcell Quantino is an electric fuel cell prototype that debuted in Geneva Motor Show . Promises reach 200 km / h and achieve range of 1,000 kilometers thanks to its electric motor 136 hp works with saltwater.


nanoFlowcell-Quantino-2 L a German company based in Liechtenstein nanoFlowcell brought several innovations to Geneva Motor Show between which is the Quant F that we show last week, besides Quantino , an electric prototype with a large and innovative technology that lets go a thousand miles without refueling .

uses a low-voltage electric motors, which is very different to that used in electric vehicles today are produced in series and allows the nanoFlowcell Quantino achieve a behavior such as electrical finest sports and energy use allowing you to achieve a range that reaches 1,000 kilometers, with speeds that can reach 200 km / h.

The nanoFlowcell Quantino uses seawater as fuel to give life to their electric motors.

Its powerplant is electric, fuel cell, hydrogen but not used but instead uses ionic liquids are clean and are not explosive but which are burned to power the motors electric powertrain. Besides the whole system works with just 48 v voltage , with which you can achieve power 136 horsepower .

The system features two fuel tanks 175 liters, with A total of 350 liters , which use a refueling system exactly like conventional car. However, the tank must be filled individually, because liquids are separated according to their negative or positive charge .

nanoFlowcell ensures that the development of this new system is so advanced that seek to advance their approval this year, but did not clarify when it will be commercially released as needed for refueling infrastructure is not yet even in development.

The Quantino has a body 3.91 meters long with an interior type 2 + 2, which allows you to carry 4 passengers. Aesthetically is presented with a body coupe type and curved shape, well sporty look with its bulging wheel arches, its huge alloy wheels and wheels located well at the ends of the body.






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