Nasr: the ninth of Brazil “was not a matter of luck, we made it by merit”


The second season of Felipe Nasr in Formula 1 has been far from what both he and Sauber expected. After adding 27 points in 2015 and highlight on some rounds, their 2016 has been quite discreet, especially if compared with that of its partner Marcus Ericsson. However, it was Nasr who joined in Brazil the two points that allowed his team to beat Manor in the constructors, to avoid the last place and receive a large sum of money extra for it.

Nasr knew how to take advantage of a chaotic race to to finish in the ninth position in the house, while the Manor of Esteban Ocon crashed out of the points in the last laps. This result, however, does not guarantee its presence on the grid next year, even less after that Banco do Brasil, its main economic support, has decided to stop patrocinarle.

Nasr argues that the points obtained at Interlagos were not the result of an anomaly, if not that reflected the work of the team: “In Brazil we had the most extreme conditions, so that was not a matter of luck, or things that we help. It was a fact that we made it by merit, and I was there to get those two points. We know how much you are worth, and as a pilot I feel that in those two years I’ve done a lot when the opportunity arose”.

Opportunities that arose out of very little in a Sauber that was fighting to get out of the pit to face Haas and Renault in some Great Prizes, and escorting the Manor in other. The tremendous economic hardships which the swiss team went through until its acquisition by Longbow Finance were reflected with clarity in the track, and Nasr explains it:

“When you have a car with you know what it is that you can fight, the runs flow more easily. I’ve seen the two sides of the coin: my first year in Formula 1 was fantastic, I was able to take advantage of the many opportunities that I had and demonstrate a lot. The second year has been much more challenging, taking into account that the resources in the computer were very few. Things were only to better half of the year.”

The brazilian believes that, despite the problems and the delay in implementing the aerodynamic improvements, was able to highlight and show a lot of potential” at certain times, as Austria, where we were rolling in the top 10, the ranking of Budapest or the race of Silverstone; and in Baku, which was new for all, we had a fantastic race”.