NAVS sealed an agreement with Dongfeng that could save Saab


Nevs seems ungainly their ability to continue to produce again, this time in partnership with China’s Dongfeng Corporation. But for now, they can not use the Saab brand.


Saab-9-3-NEVS-2014 E he current owner of Saab and one of the largest automakers in China just sealed a cooperation agreement . Two years ago that Saab was bought by National Electric Vehicle Sweden , but after several twists and turns, the legendary brand is still far from its return.

Now Nevs commitment to the alliance with Dongfeng Corporation for reborn. The agreement aims at joint development of green cars, among other things, and becomes the second announced agreement with a Chinese partner.

At the moment, there is no possibility to use the emblem of Saab.

The agreement provides for joint global sourcing suppliers, while Nevs will support Dongfeng cars for their own brands comply with regulations and technical specifications of the foreign markets, helping introduce its brands in Europe and North America . As part of the reciprocal agreement, Dongfeng Nevs assist in the development and mass production at its plant in Tianjin.

Nevs is building a production plant in China, with an operational capacity of 200 thousand units per year . Through Dongfeng, a small manufacturer Saab as it is, could share development costs and expand its network of suppliers in order to achieve competitively priced cars.

However, there is an obstacle to the use of the mark, as Saab AB is still the owner of the trademark. The drawback is that the sale of the brand Nevs was conditional on its commercial success and soon after production resumed 9-3 by their new owners, everything froze again, which led to the withdrawal of the license. As things stand today, Nevs Saab can not use brand.



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