Neale acknowledges that it is a priority for McLaren to retain Alonso


McLaren knows that Fernando Alonso is a key piece in the recovery of the team because they are not in a position to design a race car dominating and the Spanish will have a life insurance that guarantees them to give a step more in the results.

otherwise, it would be very difficult for McLaren access to a pilot of prestige and guarantees and almost impossible to count with one of the potential World Champions. It is for this reason that Jonathan Neale, Director of Operations of the team, says that McLaren will do everything possible to retain Fernando Alonso despite the uncertainty that surrounds them. “I would love to have Fernando in the team. I know that we will do everything possible to keep you on this team, but I recognize that you have options, nothing is for sure. I think he is a great guy, one of the best pilots with whom I have worked and I would love to have more time”.

to Overtake Carlos Sainz as he did is a great demonstration of their abilities and fighting spirit

Neale goes further still, stating that we’re seeing the best of Fernando Alonso and that maneuvers like the one that ran over Carlos Sainz at the Hungaroring as well to prove it. “What I believe. If you look at how hard that was advancing on Hungary and you look at the motion you made on Sainz, it was fantastic. I tried it a first time, failed, and succeeded the next time. To do it safely and clean as it did is a great demonstration of their abilities and fighting spirit”, said in a statement to Autosport.


Fernando Alonso is holding up a McLaren on his shoulders and the team is aware of its value.

The dilemma of the engine

One of the key decisions that will greatly influence the future of Fernando Alonso is the engine that will be used by McLaren in 2018. Neale confirms that the team begins to derive resources to the project in the coming year and the engine is an important part of it. “many things Have happened in the last twelve months, we are ready to take the next step in the McLaren. Our efforts are starting to move to the car next year is what we pay attention to it”.

therefore, it is necessary to take a decision quickly, not only to not harm the design of the car, but to give Fernando Alonso all the information possible on which to make a decision. “Obviously, the issue of the engine is there, we need to have everything clear before September so that our pilots know what we are going to do and what are your plans”.

Neale acknowledges that they still have not taken decisions and keeping government agencies informed, as she is conscious of the importance of the success of Honda to Formula 1, but warns that the well McLaren will be paramount. “we have Not made firm decisions, we talked a lot with Honda, we keep to the FIA and the FOM informed about what is happening. We are trying to do the right thing for F1, but also for McLaren”.

Finally, Neale appeals to the duty to take McLaren out of the abyss, but pointing out that they want to do it with Fernando Alonso at the front. “We have the duty to restore McLaren to the head, the sport wants us back, we want Fernando back to the head”.