Neither Google nor Apple, Nissan opts for Microsoft


taking Advantage of the great annual event about technology that is taking place these days in Las Vegas, CES, Nissan has announced that it has chosen Microsoft Azure as a means to connect to their vehicles.

The system, named as Nissan CTS, is based on technology created by Microsoft to applications in the cloud and will be incorporated in all future models of Nissan Leaf and in some models of the luxury division of the same, Infiniti.

With this connectivity system, electric cars from Nissan will benefit from updated information back to the steering wheel as, for example, maps, service stations nearby or information on the road, hosted in the cloud.


in Addition it will offer features remote that the driver will be able to perform without being next to the vehicle as a open and close the car at a distance with the mobile phone, set temperature the passenger compartment or to schedule a time for the car to be loaded if it is plugged in to the electrical current.

The greatest incentive for which Nissan has opted for this technology has been the safety has been demonstrated to use services hosted in internet. Azure can boast of being the first to adopt the standard of privacy in the cloud, ISO 27018.