Neither the brakes nor the engine nor the rear-view mirror slow down Charles Leclerc


When a racing driver goes through a period of particularly positive results, one of the most commonly used terms by the own pilots to refer to this emotional state and control is the “being in the zone”. Until the incidents seem to play in favor of such a pilot, to which nothing can stop in its pursuit of the win. What transpired on Saturday in Silverstone is a perfect definition of “the zone” in which you will find a Charles Leclerc that is moving inexorably towards the title of Formula 2 after achieving his fifth victory of the season.

During the race, the Leclerc suffered up to three incidents which may put at serious risk the test of a pilot, but that he just accused. Before an exit that had to be aborted because of the problems to come out of Nyck de Vries (which ended up leaving after), Alexander Albon and Callum Ilott, the pilot of monaco suffered a small fire in the brakes. This didn’t stop him to go out with precision and to lead the race, opening a gap of almost six seconds in just five laps. Then, shortly before stopping in the pits on lap 7, his engine started to smoke so blatant, fearing for a broken engine. Far from lifting, Leclerc continued to walk to the table to make your change of wheels.

not even his team knew what it was all about that fire, but the pilot of Prema is not stopped to check it out, and said that three of the five pilots who had gone out with the hard tyre. Shortly before the stops of the other two will devolviesen the lead, his rear left was released in full straight. But it was time that Leclerc since not looked back. Satisfied with the right to terminate earning authoritarian way with an advantage of nine seconds. After him, Norman Born and Oliver Rowland fought for almost the entirety of the race for second place, but the French, who had passed to the british in the exit, learned to endure the moments of greatest pressure.

Jordan King started the race in fourth position and remained for a good part of the test. Behind, Artem Markelov exchanged overtaking Nobuharu Matsushita, which had won three seats in the exit. While the japanese continued on the track having gone out with the hard tyre, which turned out to be an erroneous strategy, Markelov stood in the pit and began his attack on King, which culminated on lap 15, and that gave him the fourth place finish. The british driver continued to lose pace and position in the second half of the race to finish seventh.


In fifth position, signing his best performance of the year and its best result since the main race of Barcelona in 2016, ended an inspired Sergio Canamasas. The pilot of the Rapax retained the seventh position in the output going to Nicholas Latifi, remained behind the canadian several times, took the strategic mistake of Matsushita, he ended up overtaking King on lap 21 and finished the test just one second of Markelov. A solid performance that will allow it to leave the fourth morning, in search of the one who would be his third podium in the category, the first in two years and the first outside of Monaco. After it, ended up Luca Ghiotto, who signed another good comeback and won two seats in the final stretch. Latifi ended up getting the eighth position that gives you the right to the pole for the test sprint on Sunday, ahead of a surprisingly solid Sean Gelael, which continues with its good run puntuadora, and Matsushita, who failed to win a single position after his stop.

The advantage of points of Charles Leclerc is very next to the two events of difference: their 63 points on Oliver Rowland are the practical equivalent of the maximum number of points to add in a main race and two sprint (65). Markelov keeps the pulse with the british, six points behind, while Latifi has already Ghiotto to just two points in his fight for the fourth position, in which Matsushita is a bit off the hook. For its part, the 10 points allowed to Canamasas to climb two positions in the general. A podium tomorrow, in the test, which will be held from 10:20, could make you win other two. You never know.

biggest Race of the Formula 2 2017 at Silverstone

Pos. Pilot Turns Time / difference
1 Charles Leclerc PREMA Racing 28 49:23.075
Norman Nato Pertamina Arden 28 8.866
Oliver Rowland DAMS 28 9.605
Artem Markelov RUSSIAN TIME 28 17.743
SERGIO CANAMASAS Rapax 28 18.715
Luca Ghiotto RUSSIAN TIME 28 24.284
Jordan King MP Motorsport 28 26.498
Nicholas Latifi DAMS 28 27.805
Sean Gelael Pertamina Arden 28 28.904
10º Nobuharu Matsushita ART Grand Prix 28 34.560
11º Ralph Boschung Fields Racing 28 44.764
12º Louis Delétraz Racing Engineering 28 46.536
13º Sergio Sette Câmara MP Motorsport 28 47.050
14º Gustav Malja Racing Engineering 28 50.673
15º Nabil Jeffri Trident 28 56.457
16º Antonio Fuoco PREMA Racing 28 1:01.355
17º Robert Visoiu Fields Racing 28 1:09.543
18º Alexander Albon ART Grand Prix 28 1:12.549
19º Callum Ilott Trident 27 +1v
Nyck de Vries Rapax 0

overall Classification of the Formula 2 2017 (round 6 11)

Position Pilot Puntos
Charles Leclerc Prema Racing 180
2nd Oliver Rowland DAMS 117
3rd Artem Markelov Russian Time 111
4th Nicholas Latifi DAMS 76
5th Luca Ghiotto Russian Time 74
6th Nobuharu Matsushita ART Grand Prix 65
7th Norman Born Pertamina Arden 63
8th Alexander Albon ART Grand Prix 59
9th Jordan King MP Motorsport 49
10th Nyck de Vries Rapax 45
11th Gustav Malja Racing Engineering 28
12 Antonio Fuoco Prema Racing 23
13th Johnny Cecotto, Jr. Rapax 16
14th SERGIO CANAMASAS Trident / Rapax 13
15 Ralph Boschung Campos Racing 11
16th Sergey Sirotkin ART Grand Prix 9
17 Sean Gelael Pertamina Arden 3