Nestor Girolami will prove the Volvo S60 TC1 in Argentina


With the possible departure of ‘Pechito’ Lopez to the end of the season, you could say that the WTCC is looking for a replacement that would allow Argentina to continue having a presence in the championship. In this aspect, Esteban Guerrieri will race one of the Chevrolet Cruze for Campos Racing during the test at the Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo, though the most important step arrive just after the eighth appointment of the test. And is that the path argentina will witness a test of the Polestar Cyan Racing in the Néstor Girolami was going to go to one of the Volvo S60 Polestar TC1.

Néstor Girolami is one of the pilots with the highest projection in Argentina, which has yielded a good level in almost every category he has competed. However, its emergence has come in the last two seasons when Girolami has been proclaimed double champion in the Super TC2000 at the wheel of a Peugeot 408. In this aspect, Girolami has also had a certain relationship with the WTCC as prey of the successes in the Super TC2000 has been able to make my debut in the World. Girolami piloted the Honda Civic WTCC of Nika Racing dating Slovakia and Portugal 2015.

In relation to this post-race in Termas de Rio Hondo, Néstor Girolami not hide his illusion: “In reality I don’t know how many opportunities you have of racing a WTCC, but my desire is real. Have the opportunity to try for Volvo is very large. I am in contact with the people of the WTCC”. And is that Eurosport Events as promoter of the fia WTCC has a lot of blame of the presence of an argentinian driver in this test of Volvo, as well has confirmed a François Ribeiro who is bent on keeping Argentina on the calendar with a pilot in the grill.