Netflix and Liberty Media preparing a documentary series on the F1

negotiations Liberty Media and Netflix for 2018 seems to have already come to a good end, but it is not to offer F1 racing 2018 in streaming as it was believed or rumored to be, but for another matter altogether. And is that the competence of Amazon in terms of video content has wanted to make a tribute to the highest category with a documentary series about this sport, bringing the F1 to your viewers to get to know more intimately.

documentary series will have 10 chapters to know the Great Circus on the inside. As you know, Liberty Media has already created its platform streaming official to watch the racing and the connection with the giant Netflix is not going to go beyond this series with the content of motorsport. So we all enrolled in this service of video on demand can access the series from the following year, since you are going to roll for this season F1 2018.

we Already saw how in Amazon signed with McLaren a series docuemental the past year and now Liberty has wanted to bring all the F1 whole to Netflix in a new deal and a new step forward. The americans since they came in F1 are giving good news and working hard behind to improve the business. Many are criticizing, as the Ecclestone, but certainly before with Mr E had not streaming or this kind of things “new” for the life 2.0.

series of Netflix will film the paddock, inside the cockpits, and will go into the garage to talk with actors outside of the track and within her, opening a showcase again of things that usually are not usually broadcast on TV. Everything that is not seen behind the scenes now will be in front of the cameras of Netflix so that we can enjoy it. So welcome to this new service…

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