Never what “you advance up the tractors” made so much sense (video)

Adelantamiento de tractor en autopista alemanaYes, for reasons nor do you need to aerate, once you have released that “will advance to the tractors” quiet, probably out of a simple phrase. Can’t say the same for the driver protagonist of the video which I now show you, who really we overtook a tractor on a autobahn German. And recorded it on video.

Imagine the situation. it circulates to about 100 km/h on a highway, a speed not particularly high with a limitation of 120 km/h. What is common is that you overtaking several cars, but never would expect is that you out to overtake a tractor at a speed quite higher than yours. Easily.


To make matters worse the tractor goes dragging a caravan, so that the user of this vehicle should use your tractor as anything more than a tool of work, judging by the details and decorations. He has been with the off-road final. And with final, I do not mean only circular with solvency through the field, but it seems that also on the highways without fear of the speed.

Looking up a little in the action, and taking into account that the car is going about 100 km/h, the tractor should not go to less than 120-125 km/h, which is already a high speed for a vehicle of agriculture. We will, that in case of meeting a tractor on the highway you do not expect it to about 40-50 km/h, and not going ahead at full speed with a caravan in tow. Laugh you of the campechanos rednecks.