New Audi R 8

Audi R-8

Audi R-8

Audi has just launched his campaign Audi R8 Colors , where we present the results of the recent renovation of its spectacular range R-8. Under the slogan “Go light. Go agile” we emphasize lightness and sportiness of this model. R-8 is produced in aluminum proprietary brand called “Audi Space Frame” below. This technology has made the body despite only 210 kg, 40% less than it would have weighed produced in c├ísico steel.

Audi R8 - Colors

If this lightweight aluminum construction we add a power of 550 hp system and quattro permanent four-wheel drive, the result is one of the fastest and aggressive sport that is on the market.

As you can see in the video, do renovation design the new R-8 aesthetically more dynamic and modern with a renewed incorporate new type LED front headlights and a new front splitter CFRP. While lso external cosmetic changes are small, have been sufficient to give a more modern look and if possible more power to this sport incredible

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