New awards for the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy WRC


The Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy updated with their awards to remain the cup-brand more attractive to the WRC, a task that has been achieved in recent years because of the escalation of prices in the Junior WRC. The affordable Ford Fiesta R2 with engine 1.0 Turbo have earned their own right to be the first car that many young drivers use them in their first steps in the World, condition that have been squeezed at the perfect time in both M-Sport as the company anglochina DMACK. Face-to 2016, category reorganizes the structure of awards to open up the range of possibilities to all its pilots.

The timing of the Drive DMACK is composed of only five appointments. Despite this, to date the winner of the contest got a full programme in WRC2 at the wheel of a Fiesta R5. A prize will change to root a system binding in which several riders eligible for this program in WRC2, reserving as well the contest organisers the option to divide the prize among several participants. In this way, the Drive DMACK will have three phases associated in pairs of rallies where they will be fought by the goal of achieving two entries in WRC2.

The Rally Portugal is paired with Poland, which in turn is associated in a second block with the Rally of Finland. Finally, Germany and the Rally RACC Catalunya formed a duet inseparable. In this way, draw three blocks in which the best riders will get a program of two tests in WRC2 in 2017 with the above-mentioned Fiesta R5. In turn, the crew that get the most points in their two participations in WRC2 will be eligible to have a real program of seven tests in the category. In turn, Ari Vatanen will conduct its own follow-up to the contenders by providing an independent award.