New BMW 3 Series GT in 2016, bringing together elegance, roominess and sportiness

BMW Serie 3 GT 2016

The BMW 3 Series GT (Gran Turismo) combines elegance and sportiness with a more spacious interior.

Although during these last few months in we have been talking about the development of new 3 Series Gran Turismo with the publication of various spy photos, finally the guys from BMW have decided to offer it officially. The new BMW 3 Series GT in 2016 is already a reality. And will arrive in dealerships starting from next month of July. Combining elegance, sportiness and an extra space, comes to reinforce the range’s best-selling German.

To the naked eye there is no many surprises already that at the level of aesthetic, technological and mechanical, adopts the various developments already seen in your “brothers” of body-sedan and family. Premiered a few LED headlights as standard for both the dipped headlights as a road, and some fog lights also LED technology. Thanks to this win look a whole lot more dynamic to the pair that sports.

The BMW 3 Series GT debuts a more sporty and dynamic

Taking a look at the area later, we find ourselves also with a new group of rear lights in LED technology, a rear apron that has been redesigned as well as a few exhaust outlets that increase their diameter. In addition, from versions 320i and 320d we must take into account that are outputs of dual exhaust. To all this we must add the arrival of new exterior colours and three new wheel designs.

BMW Serie 3 GT 2016

The new BMW 3 Series GT in 2016 will be available from the month of July.

In terms of the interior, the cabin will not show surprises, although in comparison with the outgoing model, we found some finishes improved with higher quality materials. The surfaces of black color with glossy finish and details hot dip galvanised steel as well as chrome take on a greater relevance. In addition, we must add the options that we offer packages, Sport, Luxury and M Sport, to personalize both the exterior and the interior. There is also a greater number of upholstery with different patterns as well as new interior trim.

At a technological level, the new BMW 3 Series GT in 2016 will premiere the most recent version of the Navigation System Professional BMW as well as a greater level of interconnection and the telephone. The integration of mobile phones via Bluetooth in the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo comes as standard. This equipment also allows to enjoy of a WLAN access point or a second USB connection located in center console.

Going to the section mechanic new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo, without any doubt, it is where you will find the highest number of significant new developments. The range will be composed of a total of 14 variants of engine, gearbox and drive system.

BMW Serie 3 GT 2016

the main novelties of The new 3 Series GT reside in the section mechanic.

By the side of the options of petrol engines of new generation that offer a reduction of consumption up to 14% with respect to its predecessor. For the first time the BMW 320i GT will be available with a four-cylinder engine that yields a power of 184 HP and sets an average fuel consumption of 6.4–6.1 liters per 100 kilometers and CO2 emissions of 146-139 g/km

In the case of BMW 330i GT, doing the same with 252 HP under the hood while setting an average consumption of 6,2–5,9 liters per 100 kilometers and emissions of 100 141-134 g/km Another novelty in the range is the engine made entirely of aluminum with six-cylinder that equips the BMW 340i xDrive GT. Has a power of 326 HP and its average fuel consumption is of only the 7.7-7.4 Litre/100 km as well as CO2 emissions of 175-168 g/km

The engines are 14% more efficient

Passing to the side of the options diesel, BMW 325d GT premieres four-cylinder engine with 2.0-liter BiTurbo engine with 224 HP. In addition, it is associated to the automatic gearbox Steptronic. In this case, we have to speak of an average consumption of 5-4,7 liters per 100 kilometers as well as CO2 emissions of 131-124 g/km The rest of the diesel engines of four cylinders are already well known by us, since they are used both by the BMW 3 Series as for the body-more family, the 3 Series Touring. In total, five options which cover a range of powers ranging from 150 HP to 313 HP.

In terms of the all-wheel-drive xDrive, all models that equip the engine of gasoline will be able to equip them, while on the side of the diesel is exclusive to the BMW 320d GT and 330d GT. For its part, the BMW 335d GT equips it series.

BMW 3 Series GT is a success in markets of automobile as important as Europe, China or the united States. Since its launch, in the three years BMW has managed to sell more than 130,000 units of this model to the global level. Stood as a clear alternative to the body type saloon or touring.

Of time there are no details about prices that will have in Spain. We assume that BMW will publish a few weeks before his landing in our dealerships. We will be attentive.