New BMW Z5: spy photos from the snow


once more, the new BMW Z5 can be seen in spy photos. On this occasion, the future sports bavaro has been “caught” in Sweden, conducting tests on the snow. Without great news with regard to what is already known (even we have shown you in a video in motion), this BMW Z5 Roadster keeps a complete camouflage on its entire body.

BMW Z5 2017 will be the first model born of the cooperation between BMW and Toyota to develop a sporty rear-wheel drive -or all-wheel drive versions xDrive-. It is expected that the roadster with bodywork convertible arrive towards the second half of next year, while the coupe will follow a few months later, already entered the 2018.

For the part of Toyota, we’ll see a model for themselves that will come only with the body of the coupĂ©, giving way to the long-awaited new Toyota Supra. Recent rumours claim that this platform could even be used in a second generation of the Toyota GT86, forming another coupe of more compact size, but this is something that for the moment it is impossible to confirm.


The new Z5 will be bigger than the current BMW Z4, and on its exterior can be seen in some proportions very classic: wide, low, with short rear overhang and a hood lengthened, finished off by the traditional double kidney grille large stars in all its front. No roof hard, since the BMW Z5 2017 you prefer a classic soft top canvas, that will simplify things and make the weight of the vehicle does not increase in excess.

In this reduction of weight , modular platform has a lot to say, incorporating resistant materials while light, such as aluminum, magnesium, or even the composites. Your chassis will need a tune-up, especially sports, while its engines will be four-and six-cylinder TwinPower Turbo, which combine high performance and reduced consumption.

it Is quite likely that you may also see a BMW Z5 M culminating at the range, after its initial launch, with a power that will exceed 500 HP. The most immediate known will be the BMW Z5 Roadster: will be for sale at dealers at the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.