New cars in 2015 F1 world

You know what new cars that will compete in 2015 F1 world ? The new season is here and the nine teams that make up the championship, Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus, Red Bull, Mercedes, Williams, Sauber, Force India and Toro Rosso have already submitted their cars some weeks ago


Los nuevos monoplazas en el Mundial F1 2015

cars competing in 2015 F1 World

Ferrari already he presented last January’s SF15-T referred to the brand, the last two digits of the year and turbo engine. Be seen their performance this year, with the help of their race drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen. We told you in detail how this car is in this post: How is the new Ferrari F1 T SF15

Monoplazas que competirán en el Mundial de F1 2015 Whereas McLaren Honda Alonso surprised the colors and leaves white. The design is elegant and with a very refined solution to the nose.

Monoplazas As generation of Mercedes triumphant team in 2014, it is remarkable that want to remain kings of the track and then plan their W06 hybrid, a car that brings improvements mechanical, structural, aerodynamic and weight savings over its predecessor.

Monoplazas en fórmula 1 Team Red Bull has introduced the most amazing car. The most noticeable change is perceived in the nose and on the front of the chassis. The colors are also very different from last year. Own team engineers have commented that RB11 has undergone changes affecting the front of the car.

nuevos monoplazas en la competición The Toro Rosso S TR 10 Carlos Sainz will also be a novelty for the season, and we should mention that its aerodynamic shape has been developed based on all work carried out in tests in Bicester wind tunnel (UK) .

novedades en Fórmula 1

Force India was the first to present his car competes with Sergio Perez and Nico Hulk Berg; Sauber will do with the new CR34 and news is in front; while computer Williams presented his FW37 is continuity compared to last year. Finally, the team Lotus compete with the new E23 Hybrid, primarily renews nose.

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