New diesel engines for Opel Insignia and Mokka

Opel Insignia Nuevos motores diésel para los Opel Insignia y Mokka Gradually Opel continues to advance restructuring its range of engines . The brand Ray is replacing some of its most popular engines with new batch, with better performance and lower fuel consumption and emissions. Now are Opel Insignia and crossover Opel Mokka those receiving new diesel engines.

In the case of the Opel Insignia, the welcome is given to the new engine 170 hp 2.0 CDTI power, which replaces the previous 163 hp. The torque increased by 14% to reach 400 Nm between 1,750 and 2,500 rpm . The 0-100 is lowered by as much as half a second to 9 accurate passes and top speed of 220-225 km / h. This engine will be available from 33.660 euros with manual six-speed gearbox. The automatic even delivers 163 horses.

opel mokka Nuevos motores diésel para los Opel Insignia y Mokka In the case of Opel Mokka is the new 1.6 CDTI 136 horses propellant reaching the range. replaces the already dilapidated 130 hp 1.7 CDTI and 300Nm, improving figures 6 hp and 20 Nm. Besides being more powerful and flexible, it is also more refined. Complete 0-100 in 9.9 seconds, which is an interesting figure, while approves an average consumption of just 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers, representing a reduction of 0.5 liters compared to 1.7. The new engine meets the Euro 6 and emits 109 grams of CO2, 11 fewer than before.

The Mokka range with this engine will start from 22,790 euros and is offered in both versions 4 × 2 and 4 × 4 . The front wheel can choose the six-speed automatic transmission, while the manuals are Stop & amp; Start.

Source – Opel

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