New DS5 with more character and presence

Would you like feel the speed and energy in his hands while holding on with your hands on the wheel of your car? Discover limitless experience that brings you in DS Cars with the new model DS5 , a revolution in the market flying in the sky in the automotive industry as hunting aircraft.

Nuevo DS5 despega con más carácter y presencia

elegance, magnetism, seductive power, speed, endurance, comfort and the latest technology are some of the many features that meet the new DS5 , the new object of desire for lovers of motor. With a much more generous, bold and upright grille and chrome extends to a set of headlights called SmartBeam combine LED and xenon lights, this new wonder enjoying more character than their predecessors models when it comes to the design of LED drivers.

The DS5 has to bring more elegance and presence, away from the traditional concept that we saw in the past. You could say that this latest car meets all the values ​​that characterize mark DS that luxury, pioneering design, high technological and dynamic comfort. With safe behavior and high-end technology in the service of the show DS5 contains a number of new features to its powerful structure that we will miss.

How is the new DS5

On the one hand, we emphasize the sculpted, graphic and elegant design enhanced by its chrome frame, enclosing his calendar Wings DS . DS vertically integrated with logo in the center, adds its grille strength and character, thanks to its hexagonal shape, which brings us back to the original DS, all a gesture to the fans of this series of vehicles.

Cómo es el nuevo DS5 The technology DS Vision LED overtraining a hypnotic power over anyone who sets their eyes on their new addressable light, power related to Xenon modules LED. Both day and night, the appearance of the new DS5 contains three modules that improves visibility and safety by automatically turning lights and crossing the road.

On the other hand, are the main controls are grouped on two central consoles: one located on the roof and one in the base. Referring to the aeronautical world, based on technology Head up display than inspired by a jet, which allows you to get a much clearer view whatever the circumstances.

The interior lighting is one of the strengths of this new car. In its glass roof cockpit has three zones individually concealable light, not to mention that you can enjoy with a muted night thanks to LEDs in the door panels and roof environment, facilitating reading of controls and animation in the driver’s seat when starting the engine, combining color and head up screen.

nuevo DS5 is not negligible either 8 combinations of seats made based tone leather in dark gray and blue Saphir in “Bracelet” range never before seen in the motor market. Meanwhile, let the new DS5 take control of the vehicle with ease thanks to the incorporation of its 7-inch touchscreen. With the introduction of 6 menus (navigation, telephone, audio, internet, settings and features motoring), put this display function New Mirror Screen to increase smartphone applications Compatible with driving car display.

All these advances in technology , we must add rearview camera associated with the new touch screen 7 inches, access and start handsfree vehicle detector inflated tires or cornering light function , which in turns with a speed of 40 km / h, fog lamps provide additional light on the inside of the curve or intersection.

The new DS5 off the engine world with all his strength to get into who really want to feel the power of running in their hands. What do you think about it on this model?

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