New Ferrari California T Handling Speciale: more Ferrari than ever

Ferrari will be in the next Geneva motor show new Ferrari California T Handling Speciale. It is a specific package for the Ferrari California T which seeks to offer an extra sportiness in the GT of Ferrari. The Ferrari California T HS offers more and better sensations, especially when you select the “Sport” in the Jackknife, but keep your benefits and just offer differences in their exterior.


The package HS can be understood as a right set point to reduce the character > of the California T

In Ferrari know very well that they have a large gap between the Ferrari California T and Ferrari 488 Spider, and that is where you want to locate the Ferrai California T’s Handling Speciale. We speak not of improvements in performance, 560 HP and a 0-100 Km/h in 3,6 seconds are more than sufficient, and the package Handling Speciale focuses on other aspects to improve what they perceive the occupants of the California T.

In this way, the first thing that has improved Ferrari is the set of suspensions, by increasing the stiffness by 16% on the front, and a 19% in the hindquarters. In addition, it has revised the software of the automatic switching and control F1-Trac to offer a touch more sporty, especially when driving in “Sport” mode. With these changes we can understand that Ferrari has reduced the inertia of the California T, improving its cornering and allowing now round more bends with a rear more fun.

Another point to note is the revision of the system of exhaust, a system is redesigned promises to significantly improve the sound throughout the revs, including the snatch and accentuating its reputation in the “Sport”mode.


In paragraph aesthetic is where the new Ferrari California T least will be noted. A new grille painted in matte Gray color Ferro metallic and a diffuser with the same finish will be the big differences. Also the outputs of the exhaust will change your current color for a matte black finish. In the interior, the only change will be the inclusion of a plaque identifying with the denomination’s Handling Speciale.

Without being a California T is better in performance, with the arrival of the package Handling Speciale itself promises to be a sporty Ferrari