New, few, and bad news about the state of Michael Schumacher

Accidente Michael SchumacherAs we all remember, Michael Schumacher, had a serious skiing accident in December 2013, while practicing the sport we love to the family Schumacher in the Alps, next to immediate family and some friends. The seven-times world champion, he had the bad fortune of falling and hitting with the head against a rock while heading to help another skier, which led to a significant brain injury which was very near to cost him his life.

After passing nine months entered in a French hospital, the ex-pilot of Formula 1 was transferred to his home in Switzerland to continue his recovery. A half-German, whose name we prefer not to mention, stated without any knowledge several months ago that the state of health of Schumi, as we tend to call those closest to you, had improved and you could even walk with some assistance and raise an arm.

Michael Schumacher claims were denied by Sabine Kehm, manager of Michael Schumacher, and the family has decided to put a claim against the because that is a false information and, with more reason, because the family asked to respect the privacy of both Schumi like family; something completely logical for the complicated situation that should be living.

the family’s lawyer, Felix Damm, in addition to confirming the demand for the average German who lied about the state of health of the former pilot, has been who has confirmed that Michael is still not able to walk after nearly three years his accident; not wanting to give more information about Schumacher. Therefore, we cannot know if, at least, recognizes people and/or is aware of the situation.

The last news we had so far was the departure of the hospital’s seven times champion of Formula 1 to continue with the recovery at his home in switzerland.